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kagomechan49's fanfic
this will be all about my yugioh fanfic! atlest untill i can get it on fanfiction . net
(ps:this is not mine)
( ch:1)
Twilight was gathering and they still didn't make it to their destination. The roads were beginning to mist from the light drizzling the clouds were making, and the cold air that played along the wet ground made the leaves dance for them. Everything they pasted turned bury and alien like matching the scene of the incoming storm.

The hundredth sigh escaped the thief's lips as his fingers guided the wheel down the road. Bakura watched the show in front of him waiting for a building to come into view. The sound of shuffling bodies could be heard over the music the radio played.

He hated this rain. He couldn't see anything expect if it was inches from the car's bumper. Even though the windows were up he shivered from the cold touches from the unknown source. Bakura swore when he gets to the new house he's going to rap himself in a comforter with a cup of coffee and never leave.

Bakura glanced to the seat beside him. He was sure he heard a whimper but was greeted by a sleeping form cuddling a stuff cat. He smiled, Ryou was asleep ever since they left the airports that morning.

The move must be tiring him out. Bakura thought. Another wave of rain washed over the car making it drum under it's pressure. I just hope it doesn't rain the whole way there.

Different music started to play while Bakura grunted. The only reason it was on was so he wouldn't hear all the fighting that happened in the back earlier that day, but it only caused them to all fall asleep. It was lonely being the only one awake driving, while the others slept in dreamland.


That caught his attention. The thief looked beside him meeting a half dazed hikari rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "Are we there yet?" He halved asked yawning loudly.

Bakura chuckled before he answered back, "No not yet, young one. Might be for another hour or so." His hand creased the pale cheeks of his hikari and frowned. "You still feel a little hot. Go back to sleep, Ryou."

Ryou shook his head placing his hands over his yami's holding them on his tinted red cheeks. He smiled closing his brown orbs. Ryou, gently rubbed the thief's hand over his hot cheeks loving the feeling of a cold touch quenching his fever.

"I slept the whole ride here, Bakura." Ryou said diverting his glance to the window. The rain picked up the last few minutes ago. "I'm not sleepy anymore. Can't I just stay up with you?"

If he was recording his sighs Bakura was sure he reached the maximum limit. He took his hand back to help turn the wheel for the upcoming turn.

"No, young one." He answered after the car was driving straight again. "You've been sick for a week already and that fever didn't change one bit."

"But Bakura-" He was cut short by a finger pressed against his lips.

Bakura hushed him and pointed his finger to the back. Ryou followed his digit till it rested on the two sleeping forms not realizing what's happening, in the back seat.

The young Egyptian was resting his head on the door's frame, bright red ear plugs could be seen under his blonde locks. In his hands Malik held tightly-by instinct- his I-pod, his head bobbing with the unknown music. Ryou smiled, Malik always looked so peaceful when he slept.

Brown eyes shifted to the other side. Ryou watched as Marik tossed and turned in his sleep mumbling something that Ryou couldn't catch. All he got was, "stolen candy" "Yami the baka pharaoh" and "Rocket favor fish".

The hikari giggled but it soon turned into a fit of uncontrollable coughs. The feeling of someone slapping his back stopped the fight and Ryou looked up at Bakura.

"Just go to sleep, young one." Bakura tugged the back of Ryou's shirt collar till he was sitting in his seat fully again. "You'll get more sick if you stay up. I'll wake you when we get there, deal?"

Ryou pouted but it soon turned into a grin as he looked up at the thief. "I'll sleep if you don't make me drink that gross liquid medicine."

Bakura chuckled patting the white mess of hair. "So let me guess; if I say no you'll stay up all night till I get tired of you bugging me, right?" Ryou nodded and Bakura clicked his tongue. "Man, you been hanging with Malik to long. Now sleep, if you don't I'll tell the Boogieman that you're perfect for the menu."

The hikari giggled smiling. Ryou made himself comfortable on the chair leaning his head on the door frame. "If you don't wake me when we get there I'll cough all over you all day."

With that said brown eyes shut closed and his breathing, apart from the illness, was steady. He yawned once more and Bakura knew he was asleep finally.

Really need to get sleeping pills for that kid. Bakura thought putting his attention back to the road.

The suns rays disappeared fully behind the horizon making the roads invisible. Shadows danced in the moon's spotlight to the music of the night. Cars that were on the road before disappeared like they weren't there at all. The hills on either sides of the roads looked like dark bodies resting like a normal mortal. Everything was engulfed by the shadows of the grinning moon. At least the rain stop for the moment.

Bakura switched the radio off. It was getting him annoyed from the songs it was playing. Just as Bakura was about to drink his Vemon the radio boomed back on causing the thief to spill the drink on him.

"What the Ra?" He examined the box with a curios look before switching it back off again.

"Damn it Marik if you did that I'll…" he trailed off when he looked in the rear view mirror. The said yami was fast asleep holding onto a cushion he brought from their old home. The tiredness in his face showed he's not faking.

Bakura shrugged it off then looked back to the road. He took a quick glance at his hikari. Ryou was, like Marik, fast asleep, but the part about him coughing every now and again. He must of hit it some how. Bakura thought wiping away the liquid off his shirt.

Again he jumped. This time he glared at the radio he switched off twice already. "Ok, this is getting old!" Bakura slammed the radio and smirked when the button popped out rolling under the seats. "No more radio."

For the next minutes Bakura was in complete silence-besides the sleeping teens. It was nice till he realized something…Ryou's going to yell about the broken radio.

Just don't think about it! He glanced once at the radio, then recoiled. Yup, Ryou's going to yell…unless I blame Marik!

He looked in the rear view mirror and the grin that was plastered on his lips moments ago was wiped off. Crimson eyes doubled in size at the sight. Well, you can't call it a sight if you're not seeing anything, right?

The back seat was empty! No tomb keeper or his hikari! It was like they weren't there in the first place. The seats didn't have any trace of imprints singling that they have been there.

Again and again Bakura looked in the back but the outcome was the same. No Marik and no Malik. Vanished into the night like shadows in the morning light.

"I must be tired! Yeah that's it." Bakura mumbled holding his forehead with one of his hands. "It's from driving all day. They're there just…they're…"

Bakura trailed off. Something cold was running down his spine, like a breath of someone breathing close to his neck. He shiver when what felt like a finger glided down his back to the middle. It wasn't making any sense. Wasn't he sitting in a seat with a high back?

He peaked in the mirror again but besides being greeted by the nothing-he still thinks it's just him being tired-but a black mass leaning against his seat.

Bakura caught his breath at the sight. Whatever it was it was smirking at him with sharp canine fangs that glisten in the moons light. It looked at him with two black dots where the eyes suppose to be. The body, a shadowy mist, took a form of a human but it wasn't and Bakura knew it. It was to evil feeling to be human of any kind.

A dark finger was placed on Bakura's arm. It was cold to the touch and yet warm for some reason. He looked away from that eyeless stare, but where ever he looked it was there, smirking it's fangs at him like it was a game.

There was one only thing left to do! Bakura shut his eyes just when it he saw it climbing to the front. Wait, the front!

Crimson eyes shot open and stared at the seat where his hikari laid. He was there unharm! Bakura sighed with relief till he heard the sound of snoring in the back. The yami turned in his seat to the back. Yes, they were there! Not nothing or that dark mass. Just a yami and his hikari sleeping in the same position Bakura saw them in not long ago.

"Was it just…my imagination?" Bakura asked himself when his body was sitting right in his seat. He chuckled out loud forgetting that there was sleeping forms in the car. When he heard a groan beside him he stopped.

The yami glance at his hikari and sighed seeing he's still out of it. So whatever happened minutes ago must have been his mind playing tricks on him cause it was night. That had to be it.

Bakura watched the road for awhile. The house had to come into view soon. He's been driving for hours already, can't life give him a break…well it just hates him.

"Bakura-kun, Don't you know?"

Bakura gazed at the seat next to him. Yup, life really hates this thief.

Ryou was sitting upright with a cheerful expression like he was there wake the whole time. He was looking up at him, a childish smile plastered on his pale lips. That's what got Bakura, Ryou was sick, he wouldn't look so lively.

"Bakura-kun!" Ryou whined tugging on the thief's arm.

He took back his arm and Bakura stared at the hikari like he grown a second head. This night keeps on getting weirder and weirder.

"Don't you know, Bakura-kun?" Ryou asked again staring at Bakura as if he would disappear if he blinked.

The thief turned his glaze back to the road. He was surprised they didn't crash yet from all the swerving he did when the black mass appeared(he's still denying it was there in the first place).

"Know what?" He slowed down the car. It's getting to him that there wasn't any other cars out and it's not even eight yet.

Ryou sat in his seat with his hands in his laps but was still facing Bakura. His face held a dark aura while his white bangs covered his eyes. "The two dead boys."

Now that got his attention! "What?"

That voice that spoke from Ryou's mouth, it wasn't his. It was a cold voice that was making Bakura creep out. He took a quick glance at his hikari but all he saw was his sleeping form.

"What the hell is going on?" Bakura slammed his head down on the steering wheel landing it right on the horn button. The noise woke everybody in the car with a start.

"What are you trying to do, blow my ears off?" Marik was the first to yell. It's not pretty when you wake him.

Malik took his ear plugs off letting the song he was listening to swim around the closed space. "Bakura what happened?" He asked while he switched off his I-pod.

Bakura lifted his head from the steering wheel glaring at the road ahead of him. "Nothing, Nothing happened." He replied grumpily slamming his head down on the horn again.

The sound of coughing made him look up. Ryou was hunched over coughing hard into his hands. When the coughing decreased he gazed at the ground for a second or two till he looked up at Bakura with dark red cheeks.

"Are we there yet, Bakura-kun?" He spoke with a hoarse voice. His reddish forehead was sweating from the fever.

Bakura shook his head, ignoring the kicks on his seat from the angry tomb keeper. "We will in another ten minutes…oh and Marik, STOP KICKING MY SEAT!"

The thief heard a grunt, following it was a series of rattling paper. After some time Bakura heard Marik laughing his head off like someone was tickling his weak spot. (Malik is the only one who knows where it is.)

"Marik what's so funny?" Bakura called behind waiting impatiently for the yami to stop his laughing.

Marik climbed between the two front seats holding open the map on the town they're new home is located. He pointed at the name of the town that was printed in the corner of the paper with dark red lettering.

It read; Darkness Falls. Where the shadows steal you away.

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