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kagomechan49's fanfic
this will be all about my yugioh fanfic! atlest untill i can get it on fanfiction . net
When she got up on in the morning, i knew that she wasn't feeling completely normal. she felt a little too hot to be normal. And sure enough, when seto felt her forehead,he said she had a fever.
she shrugged it off and chose to go on with her normal morning routine and hoped that it didn't get worse during the day.
When she walked out of her room, i spoke up. Being the omniscient and somewhat overprotective older brother that i was, i felt compelled to make sure she was feeling okay.
"Are you all set for the magic test?" i inquired.
"Yup... you didn't do anything to my lunch while I was dressing, did you?" out came her suspicious reply.
"Honest to Ra himself, I did not touch your lunch." i assured her.
"Smooth move... unfortunately, I'm pretty sure only you could've done those things to my lunch. I thought you were supposed to protect me from harm, not unload poisonous food on me! "my sister said.
"damn!" i said, reprimanded myself mentally for being caught in my lie. "Oh well, I have to do what needs to be done."
"lies." she replied sternly as she put on her shoes.
"yeah........ you sure you're feeling okay? you seem sick. " i asked, returning to my original topic.
"I said yes already. and yup, sick like you and mana in bed last night....," she giggled at her joke. " wish me luck." she hoisted the book onto her arms and exited the front door of her room.
"good luck."i replied, leaning against the door frame.
"And dont stop by today! please, I don't need any distractions from you" she called back.
i feigned an innocent look on my face and a hurt look in in eyes. and, yes i was playing. "Who, me? Why, I'm ashamed that you'd even suspect me of snooping!"

"This coming from the guy who ate half my chocolate stash. Nice try, though. You need to work on looking innocent."

"I'll leave that to you," i quickly declined, quietly taking out a bar of chocolate from behind my back. "Good luck though, you'll need it. " i took a bite from the chocolate bar and shut the door, laughing at atenra's accusations of thieving chocolate.

atenra's pov:
"now use your fire magic to turn the sand in to glass." mahado had instructed us to do.

This was the kind of stupid task i was faced with.
' i can do this! I should know; that's my problem. That and my head's pounding!' i held my head between my hands. my high fever had escalated into a powerful headache.
'Ouch... oh why bother with this? My head really hurts... I should just stop here and tell mahado... '
i turned my head to look at all the other teens in my magic class. The majority of them looked confused and tired, except a few obvious exceptions like kira, who had done it ten minutes tops.
'she must be an alien...' my blurred thoughts informed me. my fever was coming back with vengeance; i really felt hot under the collar.
'Bleh... I must've caught one bad fever. Maybe I should've stayed home today... then I could sleep... and protect my chocolate stash from my brother...'
A sudden burst of hot white light invaded my sight, and i blacked out instantly.


"Woah... where am I?" i muttered as i awoke from my sleepy daze.
"In your room, genius." atem replied from a chair near the bed.I'm back here because there is a doctor out there, she'll take care of you.'

"Take care of me...? What are you talking about? "

" From what I heard, you fainted in class and mahado had brought you in here. " atem replied smartly.

"I fainted? " i was in disbelief.

"Yes. I knew there was something wrong with you today. Why didn't you stay home today, atenra? I would've taken care of you."

" Because, if I did, then it would look like I was trying to get out of the test." i replied drowsily and rolled over.
atem sighed. " Well, since you're going to sleep, I'm going to ask mahado to give you another chance. Maybe if you rest up, you'll feel better. "atem said
Good night atenra... don't rush yourself into getting better. The sun will come out tomorrow, even if you're not up with it, okay? "
"You got it, captain. Night, night. " atem laughed.the way that i spoke was still funny to him,even if i was there for a month i snuggled into my covers and fell asleep within seconds.

A relieved sigh came from the door way.

'I was really worried for her... and maybe tomorrow, when the sun comes up, she'll be completely better again, and I won't have to worry so much for her... ' but it wasn't as i though............

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