Continued from Part 1~

Barfy- ”Ahm shecksheh, en effrehboteh shinks soh~” -starts fapping- ”KILL IT! KILL IT!” -starts hitting Barfy with a club- ”... while Darren does that, I think I should describe Barfy... Barfy is er... Speedy’s illegitimate son, and the most disgusting creature you’ll ever see...” -ejaculates- -vomits- ”See what I mean? He thinks everyone wants to screw him, but no one even wants to be near him! I swear, any poor guy who gets stuck taking care of Barfy is better off killing himself.” -coughs- ”Oh s**t, sorry Siege.”

Naiel- -blinks- “My turn? Oh. Well, uh... the Name’s Naiel, elf of the forest and uh... I’m a hunter... most of the time.” ”Yep! The rest of the time she’s that Starman’s part time teacher and full time girl-“ -stomps on his face- “Don’t drag Veg into this!” -rests an arm on Nai’s head- “Heh... little sis is as energetic as ever. I remember when her twin ran away from home... she was the first one to try and look for him too~ Sweet, isn’t she?” -grumbles and pushes his arm of her head- “Shut it, Ade...”

Adam- -looks left and right quickly- “Okay, they’re not here to say anything stupid so-“ HOTDOGS!” -snarls-“Dammit, Speedy! And stop calling me that!” ”D’awww... Adam’s cranky today... as usual. The guy seems pissed off at a lot of us most of the time. The only one who doesn’t get all his pissiness is his girl, Lulzy~” -growls- “I’m this close to tearing your face off, Speedy.” “Relax, Adam... Speedys just joking around. If you did take him, though, you’d have a pretty hard time. The only thing you’ve really got going for you is your inability to die despite getting hit by... let’s say... a nuke.” -grins- “That’s not so true anymore, Pretz... thanks to one of the creators, I got myself a nice new body... an annoying one, but it does help...” ”Is it any less ugly than the first?” -scratches Speedy’s face-

Hangman- ”Um... h-h-hi...” “GAY!” Leave him alone, Speedy. The guy’s not that gay now, really. Sure he’s got confidence issues, the inability to speak clearly, easily frig-“ ”Not helping, Adam.” -smiles- “Hangman? Heh, despite what these guys say about him, he’s actually one of the bravest of the bunch here. He’s one of the guys who’d throw himself in the way of a passing car to help you out, and he acts real humble about it too~” -smiles and reddens slightly- ”He has a crush on Pretz now! GAYGAYGA-“ -beaten with stick-

Puffles- ”So kawaii! I am so happy! I am beautifu-“ ”Mutant horse thing! Mutant horse thing!” ”Oh my gawd! A frankenstein monster thing! Uck, so ugly! You need a makeover!” “Damn annoying kawaii horse thing! Leave Nyu alone!” ”I’m only trying to get her and her friend to join the right si-“ ”Die!” -slashes at- “I heard that you tried to bombard Lulzy with kawaii magic you annoying p***k horse!” ”Why does no one love me?!? I just want to be loved by the people! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” -starts crying and pooping-

Siege- “Er.. Siege reporting for duty here... What can I say about myself, hm...?” ”How about we start by asking whose side you’re on? You act all friendly with dad, but you’re an unkawaii trying to take Nyu, right? What’s the deal?” -flinches- “What? Can’t I have friends outside the unkawaii base? I’m still human you know“ -snarls- “Unlike my evil b***h of a wife...” -grimaces- “I really wish you would get along with her more. The two of you destroy home base way too often for things to be funny any more. Besides, isn’t your code supposed to stop you from doing that to her?” -waves dismissively- “I’ve stopped regarding her as a weak woman. My code only protects people like that, and she definitely doesn’t deserve it.” -grins wickedly-

Nibbles- ”Ah, my beloved wife~ Oh how I love him so~” “That’s disgusting you ******** clown...” -shudders- “Nibbles... thought I’d seen the last of that abomination when Alnette crushed him. Can’t believe that b*****d’s back and still thinks I’m his father.” “The ********, seriously?” -grimaces- “Yeah, I made that sadistic costume fetishist snowman, but I really didn’t build him to be that way. He just.. turned into that.” -shakes head- -gags- “You made that repulsive thing? Ugh... I hate the vice-chief... always thinking I’m coming onto him/ her...” -gags- “That’s disgusting...”

Giggles- ”Ugh... I feel bad for anyone reading this who has a maid fetish. That thing completely kills the fantasy.” ”Most of the unkawaii do that, Speedy... ick. The unkawaii made looks like Chucky the killer doll on a skeleton stuffed in a maid outfit and wants to “clean out your intestines” with a vacuum cleaner.” ”Ugh... the unkawaii are disgusting... “

Adeld- -blinks- “You wanna hear about me? Well I’m a thief for one. Another is I never lie when I’m caught... you know, if you can catch me~” ”In short he’s another super cocky b*****d ready to make that some sort of challenge to himself so he’s never caught~” ”Well he kinda can be cocky like that... he’s not exactly the easiest to catch, and it’s definitely a lot harder to catch him than it is us... plus he kicked our asses a while back.”-snorts- “I still say I can beat him...” -grimaces- “Wouldn’t talk like that if I were you, Speedy. I saw that guy fight Eris, and he did a lot better than you.”

Bessie the Fly person- ”Bzzzkrtkkreeazzzaktkeakt!” ”... someone get the bug spray. The ******** is that thing?”

Dan Blane- -coughs- “Blacksmith of the village... er, apprentice blacksmith. If you wanna know anything about me, I... uh... I can sense things in a certain radius and I’m fireproof. Comes in really handy when you’re forging. You know what else comes in handy when you’re forging? A nice anvil. And nice anvils are only made in-“ ”Geeze, kid. Do you try and sell to everyone you come across?” -coughs- “It’s business.”

Teddy- ”GRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!” ”I got nothing.” ”He looks like a good pet.”

Nancy- -cocks an eyebrow- “Me? Why aren’t I around as much? Well I guess it’s because unlike the rest of my family, I’m actually trying to study.” ”Doesn’t all the research and experimentation I do count?” ”Uh... I’m just stupid.” -growls- “And this is exactly why I have to take care of you two all the time! Dad’s too reckless and you’re too stuck in your research to do anything else... well, until Nyu came in~” ”... always the naggy daughter?” ”Ever since we formed the team, she’s been liked that... saved our asses more than once too”

Imposter-chan- ”I’m so cute~” -makes vomiting noises- “Cute? Cute? You’re as repulsive as your disgusting team leader, Zeta. Ugh...” ”Don’t you dare insult the leader of the kawaii and her must trustworthy fashion designer!” ”No wonder you all look like disgusting, muslticolored heaps of scrap metal.” -trembles in rage- “Why you...”

Balt- ”I jus don geht enough screen time... but if ya wanna know somethin about meh, I’m known as ta anti-geomancer of ta place.” ”Basically, Balt’s your neighborhood nut, thinking there’s buried treasure all over the place and such. Pisses off everyone with a nice clean lawn in the place, but he does know his digging better than anyone else.” ”Oy! I coulda don tha mahself....” ”Just here to give everyone the truth, Balt.~”

Alice- ”Sweet little girl I met at the forest. We started of kind of rocky, seeing as I had to stop her from wailing over bumping into me. Calmed down after I gave her my whistle... What I’m worried about though is that stalker that follows her everywhere... that twisted stalker demon...”

Mirror Demon- -shudders- “That thing is obsessed with that poor little girl... to be honest, I wonder what else he has in his mind beside that twisted sense of love in him... I’m worried about what might happen to Alice if he sees anyone near her again...”