Name: Nehl
Former Clan name: Rrosor
Known as: Speedy, Firework (Courtesy of Zack Cross/Averdale), Bum (Just about half the people who meet him), Geezer (Courtesy of Sin), ******** Hobo/Bum (Courtesy of Zack Cross/Averdale), Goat Wrestling Champ (Courtesy of Goat Wrestling Federation)

Birthplace: On the plains of Ronas
Birthdate: January 20th

Physical Description:
Race: Dark Elf- Affiliated with Air Element
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 156 lbs
Haircolor: Grayish white
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Blue
Other Notable Features: Scar across his nose bridge area

Likes: Beer, his “family, running, the feeling of a cool breeze, trying to build himself trinkets out of garbage, dumpster diving, potatoes.

Dislikes: Being set on fire, Being forced to bathe, anyone who messes with his “family”, large bodies of water, guns, most vampires, Darren Cault.

Team Affiliations:
END (Darren Cault and Elise Blackwell) - Third member of the trio. (Stealing and Infiltration jobs)
Arx Luporum (Nancy and Pretzels) - Main offense
A.S.H. (Adam Cheese, Hangman) - Support and Main offense

Notable Family Relations:
Darryl Cault: Adoptive father
Darren Cault: Adopted brother
Nancy: Adopted daughter
Pretzels: Adopted son
Naiel: Biological sister (twin)
Adeld: Biological brother (elder brother)
Elrin: Biological sister (eldest sibling)
Lakor: Biological father
Idamali: Biological mother
Vera: Biological daughter (With Kitty)
Barfy: Biological son (With Fanperson)


More often than not, Speedy is seen carrying a childish and playful personality, usually the type up for a good game or joke. Much to the chagrin of his teammates, his adult like body combined with such behavior often gets the team into trouble, but his stubborn and usually oblivious nature normally prevents him from noticing such things and he continues on with them until chastised. If done by someone he knows and is his friend or at least acquaintance, more often than not he will try and poke fun at them before letting up. However, if done by someone else he doesn’t know or by someone incredibly close to him, it will be much easier to get him to stop.

Another thing usually seen about the elf is his clumsy yet often well meaning personality towards his family and others. When seeing someone in a crisis, he does his best to help them out, often resulting in embarrassing situations and/or collateral damage. Unfortunately, he stays just as stubborn on this matter as he does with his games and pranks and it becomes increasingly harder to stop him when he finds what will make things better. Often times, this leads him to recklessly plow right into life threatening situations, or situations that have been known to cause mental instability so long as he can help a friend in the end, in short meaning he has a bit of a hero complex.

When faced with situations that do scar him mentally, Speedy falls into a state of slight depression for a moment before he reverts back to normal, showing off a sometimes overconfident but usually perky attitude. However, he never forgets that moment and stores the negative energy within himself, not showing a trace of being bothered for the most part. The bitterness and anger he feels stay that way until he is faced with a situation that finally brings him over the edge through endangering his allies or just from sheer constant persistence from a source of anger. He releases all his pent up anger in a rush of slight insanity at his target, results often being bloody.

After doing horrible acts in his insanity/drunkenness, or in any other situation for that matter, Speedy is easily overcome with remorse and the need to look for penance. He often goes over the top some times in his quests, and the resulting penance he comes up with often has no relation with the deed. An example of which is if he accidentally slept with a woman, Speedy would then devote his night hours to keeping the city’s safe of crime by donning a superhero identity. Despite the sentiment being there, more often than not, it goes unnoticed and is often deemed an act of idiocy.

Underneath all of his acts of bravery or stupidity, though, is an incredible amount of fear and uncertainty in any situation. Speedy does his best to hide his fear at all costs, trying not to look weak, and resents himself every time he feels the twinge of it. In truth, if it were not for having something close to him that needed to be protected, such as an important person or his pride, Speedy would escape from every single confrontation with an opponent he deems scary.

In the end, Speedy is mostly seen as a loyal family man, one who devotes his sweetness and life to taking care of those close to him. His stubbornness and sheer want to help them out makes him a sweet, loving and playful man, almost like a child sometimes, and makes him a faithful ally.


The Plains of Ronas
The city of Ronas was a city renowned for its budding economical growth and large amounts of unused land. Due to its size, it also soon became a city renowned for holding various mixes of races of squatters, such as orcs, trolls, elves, fairies and even the dragon races. Instead of being the picture of unity amongst races, it was the picture of clan wars, often sparked by their need to get food but inability to get it from the big city. It was here that a certain small group of elves managed to settle, the reason behind their appearance being exile from the main group, and the reason behind that being either the acts of racial and sexual impurity with those of the orc clan done by the family or the act of murder done between clan members. Either way, it was from Lakor and Idamali, two of the members, that young Nehl was born.

As soon as young Nehl was able to stand, his parents forced into him the knowledge of certain skills that increased his running ability and tried to train him with a sturdy body. Despite being born with the ability to use other spells, the constant training of his parents forced an affinity with mainly the wind element into their bodies, the element of swiftness, and the children were all made into thieves and looters. Though sad as it was, there were only three ways to really get anything around, and that was to scavenge, loot or buy. Scavenging was difficult, as those clans with enhanced senses could do it so much better than they could Buying was also out of the question for obvious reasons. Deciding to use their magic and instincts, the clan became a clan of thieves.

Nehl, being forced out at the youngest age (around six years old at the time and Naiel not being forced yet due to a disease that seized her in her younger ages, turning her into a hindrance), could not bear the harshness directed at him by the other clans and by his targets in theft, and was mentally scarred from all the pain and crying. However, they persisted in training him, as they felt they needed all possible hands to help them. Seeing as he was unable to handle the knife techniques his older siblings had learned and the running ability at the same time, so instead he worked on mastery of his running ability. By honing it to its finest potential, Nehl was able to run from any confrontation, and did so without hesitation in the fear of getting hurt. His cowardice got him the name Speedy from those who didn’t know his real name, a title not because he was the fastest runner around, but more of because he was always the first to run from any situation.

One day, Adeld, his older brother, pointed to the vast expanse of land and questioned why they never just ran away from home. This life was, as he said, a life that left nothing but pain and just ran in circles, like trapped rats. However, he claimed that that was not what life was about. They claimed to now be elves of the wind, yet they were not the wind. The wind gave them wings on their legs, but they only ran in circles. What the wind called them to do was run away, and to be free like the wind. This little idea on freedom tasted good to the young boy weary from running from people who wanted his bread. He, along with all his other siblings, promised that one day they would all leave home together.

However, young Nehl could not wait to taste freedom, and decided that he would try to run away a little earlier than everyone, just to explore the lands a bit before he came back. He ran in the middle of the night, hoping to avoid anyone, and ran to the end of the land where he saw the large sea beside the docks. Attracted by the scent of exported trinkets, Nehl explored a shipment boat, not realizing that it had left the docks. The ship was caught in a storm that evening and destroyed as it was smashed against the rocks. Nehl was thrown through the air and tossed in the waters, drowning and flailing as the water pushed him under. He woke up, fearing ever going into a boat or a body of water, but good and alive enough to run into the forest by the uninhabited shores.

Darren Cault
He spent nearly half a year, struggling by himself in that forest, terrified of what lay inside it, but mortified with the idea of meeting someone like a dragon outside of it. Due to his training back home, young Nehl managed to survive, despite surviving and living in constant fear of being eaten alive. After a few months passed, he decided that there must be another way to live, and he left the forest, stumbling into a small city. The city was just right for the picking, its garbage cans full of food, its security not as tight, its stores sometimes just displaying food. It was almost like paradise for the skills he honed. He started up small, taking apples one at a time, then he moved on to stealing things like coins and bills and other things he found of value.

He decided to try something a little more difficult than small change, but not so difficult, which is when he met Darren Cault. In an attempt to try and take young Darren’s lunchbox, Nehl was sent flying with a hard strike from a softball bat. Surprised and terrified, young Nehl tried to run away from Darren, but ended up getting beaten senseless by the brutal young boy. He ran back to the forest and whimpered, nursing his wounds till the next day, when Darryl Cault stormed into the forest, told by his son about the encounter, grabbed Nehl, forced Darren to apologize and took him home.

Despite not wanting to be there, the care he was given by Darryl Cault immediately warmed the usually terrified young boy, and Nehl managed to stay quiet until Darren was around, where at that time he would scramble from him in fear. He was unable to flee from the house though, loving the new found warmth too much, and would stick to doing things like hiding in the cellar until Darryl came home. Everyday, he lived like that, running from Darren, remembering the pain he felt from their first encounter. Seeing him as easy prey, Darren encouraged the idea, chasing him and bombarding him with threats, even though they earned him a beating later when his father came home.

One evening, when Darryl was out especially late, Darren took his tormenting young Nehl up a notch and actually began to assault the boy with a soft ball bat. In the midst of the pain, humiliation and tears, Nehl felt another thing rise up, a new feeling: anger. Tired of living in fear in the same house where he was promised safety, Nehl decided that he would stop this now. A brave attempt to take the bat followed, and ended with Nehl, beaten black and blue and whimpering. However, Darren smiled and finally asked him his name. In responding with Speedy and explaining how he got that name, Darren called him an idiot and extracted his real name out, Nehl, and told him to use it from here on out. When asked why, Darren responded by telling him that it was because he was no longer such a chicken now that he knew how to fight back, and that he must never use that name again. Since then, he had managed to form a more brotherly pact with Darren, enjoying the company, the battle and even the constant defeat.

Meeting with Exodus
Several years after that, when the two were practically inseparable and graduating highschool, they decided to put their skills to the test, wanting to lead a life of combat and adventure despite Nehl’s still recurring nervousness and fears. The two decided to take up a job as mercenaries, working on several jobs given to them by those in need of their skills. The jobs usually consisted of stealing things back, beating people up and beating more people up, but that was just what they wanted. It lasted a while with just the two of them until they received a task to retrieve a large amount of money being smuggled out of the city. Through a tip received by Nehl, they were able to locate them and find out that they had been using Ice Cream trucks to sneak this past security.

In a daring move, the two hijacked an ice cream truck, ripped open the back and found... Ice cream. Their real target was driving away quickly in his own car, taking the money with him. Not wanting to fail their job, Nehl and Darren stole the nearest car and chased him through the city streets. Sadly, Darren was unable to get his license after they took the test the first time, and Nehl was actually banned from ever trying again, and the two crashed into a nearby lamp post and thrown out onto the pavement, bloody, mangled and practically dead.

Much to their surprise, they awoke to the sight of two young women who introduced themselves as Lorelei and Elise Blackwell, sisters working on the same stint as both of them. Lorelei, the younger, proclaimed herself a keymaster and Elise a healer, and them both being the only reasons the two were still alive right now. The two men just shrugged, stood and walked of, though with Nehl uttering his thanks. However, before they could leave Elise told them that Lorelei had cast a spell on them, that if they didn’t sign a blood contract, they would die within twenty four hours. Despite their pride, the two realized that there was no point in arguing and signed, after which Elise revealed the thing to be a lie but the two now having signed a legal contract proclaiming them as a team of sorts. As compensation, to quell their anger, Lorelei offered to teach them both the secret to key magic, and Nehl, being easily amused by such things, convinced Darren to stay, starting up the team Exodus.

Sadly for Nehl, the ability of keymaster was much more suited for someone like Darren Cault, who had a balanced elemental affinity unlike his affinity with wind. That, however, didn’t stop him from staying with the team, forming an incredibly formidable four man team. He operated mostly as the legs and the running force of the team on jobs that required his speed, giving him that sense of belonging within the squad. After two years or so, the team Exodus had grown in fame and infamy, bringing them customers and enemies.

The end of Exodus
Unable to tell from both so easily, the four took up a job that required them to meet with their client down by the docks in one of the abandoned warehouses. There, Elise was immediately incapacitated by sheer number and the entire team underwent a horrid bludgeoning. However, through a small plan devised by Lorelei, the four managed to launch their own counterattack. The battle however managed to take its toll on Lorelei first, weakening her from her attempts to save her sister, and she was targeted first by one of the ringleaders of the operation, who easily swept up all four members. With Elise’s shields too weak at the time to block a massive attack and Darren’s key magic not functioning well enough. Nehl was left with the task of protecting Lorelei from the attacker. However, his recurring fears washed over him, the feeling of old helplessness in the face of such a strong enemy. Instead of running to save Lorelei, his legs froze him on the spot, and he watched as she was killed immediately by a blow that crushed her skull in.

At that moment, everyone left in the team felt something in themselves and managed to perform their ultimate attack, finally wiping their opponent out. However, Nehl blamed himself for Lorelei’s death and left the team, for what he thought was for good, and decided to call himself Speedy again, the title given to him as a good for nothing who only ran away. Silently blaming him as well, his teammates made no move to stop him.

Having completely lost the will to live, Nehl drifted from place to place, trying to find a way to feel alive again as the beer only worked for so long. It was in his sorry wasted state that he met young girl, at the time nameless, who told him he had potential to be strong. Initially, he refused her offering, calling himself a weakling and a loser, but the girl refused to leave him and followed him instead, using her interesting power to augment his abilities. She stayed by his side, coaching him and helping him stay alive and convincing him he had something to live for. He finally got used to spending time with her and took her with him where he went.

She trained him and made him strong whether he wanted it or not, and she looked after him when he was hurt. He began to feel again what it meant to care for someone now that he had someone like her in his life, and he decided not to let it go to waste anymore. He decided that he wanted to do something with his life, if not for himself then for her, and that he couldn’t let his feelings on Lorelei drag the young girl down as well. Casting aside his old dirty shell, but not the name that reminded him what his fears brought, he stood up again with Nancy and decided that he would really try to live. He returned home with his new daughter, met with Darren and Elise, formed a team with them, and his adventures began once more.


Navigation: D
Strength: B
Intelligence: C
Magic: B-
Speed: A-
Dexterity: B-
Durability: B
Valor: B+
Potency: S

Abilities and weapons (liable to change):