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kagomechan49's fanfic
this will be all about my yugioh fanfic! atlest untill i can get it on fanfiction . net
(i dont know why,but when people get sick, its easyer 4 me to write about them! and , atenra is sick again,this time she is younger!)

*in atems pov*
in domino city:
my eyes flashed open in the dark.i immediately sat up, and glanced at the glowing face of the clock. Only 2am. No logical reason to be awake. And yet i was, but for reasons i did not know. A dream, perhaps. Or the howl of the winter wind, the snow falling, blanketing the city. i flopped down into my pillows, but couldn't seem to fall asleep again. i stared at the ceiling above me. Something was wrong. i heard a small noise, a whimper, really, and bolted upright again. Sure enough, i could here something. A cry, of sorrow, or pain.
"atenra?" i called. i slipped out of bed, padding down the hall. i could hear crying, getting louder.
"atenra?" i called more persistently, growing anxious when my call was not answered. i pushed the door open.she was lying diagonally across the bed, the blankets strewn around her, crying out in her sleep.
"atenra, wake up. It's only a dream, wake up!" atenra's eyes flew open, and her breathing turned from whimpers to ragged gasps and sobs. she reached out for me.
"You left, don't leave me, you can't leave me!"
"It's alright now, it was only a dream. I'm not going anywhere, it was a night mare," i wrapped my arms around her. she whimpered and continued sobbing. i realized she felt incredibly warm, especially since she hadn't been under her blankets. i pulled away gently, and placed my hand on atenra's forehead, brushing her bangs from her damp forehead. i gasped.
"atenra, you're burning up!" she squirmed against me, still crying.
"You're dead, you died!"
"I'm right here," i tried to comfort her, then realized that if i was right, and atenra did have a fever, she was probably half delirious. "Come on atenra. Let's go to the bathroom and try to find something to make you feel better." she whimpered as i stood. she started to gasp and sob.
"It's alright, everything is alright atenra." i leaned over and helped her to her feet, wrapping my arm around her for support. atenra shivered and half walked, half was dragged to the bathroom. i found a thermometer, and put it in atenra's mouth. she stood with the thermometer under her tongue as i rooted through the medicine, scrutinizing the labels carefully, unfamiliar with the names. Out of nowhere, the world seemed to slip from under her feet and she toppled forward. i caught her before she head hit the bathtub, but she landed painfully on her knees. i cringed, but atenra didn't seem to notice. she was still whimpering and shivering.
"I'm dizzy," she whimpered. "Every thing is spinning, and it makes my head hurt."
"Everything will be okay."i said. i grabbed some towels, and piled them on the floor, leaning my sister against them. i put the thermometer back in her mouth, then started rooting through the cabinet again, watching she out of the corner of my eye. The thermometer beeped loudly, and she jumped.
"It's alright," i said, taking the thermometer from atenra. It read 103 f. " I was right, she's ill,' i thought. i returned to my search through the cabinet. i sighed with relief, finding something that said it would help with fever and pain.
"Here atenra," isaid, taking out two tablets and getting a small glass of water for . her. atenra dutifully swallowed, her eyes glazed and skin damp and clammy. Helping a shivering atenra to her feet, i leaned her against the wall, wetting a washcloth with cold water and wiping atenra's face. she shook more violently.
"I'm cold," she protested, pushing me weakly, swaying forward.
"I know," i said simply. "Through the link that father gave us i can tell exactly how you feel, and it's miserable." i helped atenra walk a few steps, but she was barely able to stand. i picked her up carefully. atenra squirmed closer to me, still shivering.
"Poor girl," i said. laid atenra carefully in her bed, and pulled the covers over her. i started to leave, but atenra started to cry again.
"Don't leave me,brother, don't go again," she cried, struggling to sit up, to weak to move her blankets.
"Of course not. i'll stay," i said. i sat on atenra's bed, and the smaller girl cuddled against me.
"Still cold," atenra muttered, before falling asleep. i smiled.
"I'll stay until her fever breaks,' i thought " but no longer."
Within minutes i was asleep, with atenra in my arms.

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