Its been 3 or 4 days since I played ZOMG for the first time. And might I just say.

Im addicted.

right now its 5:26 am and i have school at 12:00pm and I'm still going to play XD LOL

life has been kinda. up and down.

Remember that friend i told you that i lost recently. well, she apologized and..i'm giving her a chance. It seems like a stupid thing to do. But I'm not letting her get as close as she was before. never again. Im not sure how i'm suppose to feel about the situation. I mean yeah I'm happy..in a way. But idk it just seems like..its not gonna last very long.

And my love...well we were going pretty smooth. I've been doing what they ask me and stopped my constant "clingyness" I only text every once and awhile. They dont like texting everyday :/ we barely talk..and they live so far..it feels like they dont even..love me at all anymore.. but if thats what they want. as long as it makes them happy. long distance always is and always will be hard..

Everyday i try my best to refrain myself from being "clingy" and to ignore the "rejected" feeling i get when we dont speak.. until yesterday.

We were suppose to video chat since we havent done that for awhile either. And they..stood me up..i texted them..but no answer..maybe theyre busy..or maybe their phone broke..

i guess i'm just trying to think of something other then "they just didnt want to talk to you"