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The first page.....
-bows- hello everyone :3

This is my first story I will start off from many others to come. If you like it I will continue the story more. I am a fan of Absolute Boyfriend, there will be a lot of similarities based on the manga. I just love the idea of a robot boyfriend X3

Please enjoy and read to your hearts desire!!

"I don't love my doll, it loves me"

1st Chapter:

My Christmas present is a sex doll?!

Today is December 19,2010, Christmas is not to far. Only a few days left until we
can open up our present. As usually I got up, dressed, and walked to the park for

my dog to do her business. I looked at my cell phone for the time, it was 8:14am, a couple of raindrops landed on the screen. I wiped the screen against my sweater

and put it back in my pocket. I sighed, "Crap..its starting to rain again, it's going to keep raining all this week." Looking at my dog I frowned, "It's getting harder to take

you out." I let the raindrops hit my face, as I faced the sky. My glasses were getting drops on them too, I watched them against my lens. My dog growled,

someone was coming towards me. A young women, by the looks of it in her twenties, was running towards me. She looked like she belonged in some kind of

porn movie, she was dress in a lolita fashion. She wore some white high heels, I had to admit there were pretty cute high heels, white lace stockings, and then a

short frilly white dress with pink ribbons. When she ran her underwear showed, I did not want to know the were white with pink ribbons to match the dress. Her wig

was pink as well, it was cut short to the ears. I looked around thinking, "Are they seriously shooting a porn here in the park!? What the F?! Is she really running

towards me?!" I picked up my dog and started to run towards home. Unfortunatly, the bathrooms were in that that directions too. I looked back and saw the lolita

porn lady right behind me. My mind was racing, "How the hell can she run in those heels?! I'm wearing sneakers and she can catch up like it was nothing! Trip on the

grass dammit!" I felt my hair being pulled and I was yanked back. I let go of my dog and she ran away. I screamed, "Hel-!" She covered my mouth and dragged me

towards the bathrooms by yanking my hair. We entered a stall and then she locked it. I struggled in her grip, I bite her hand, she held in a cry. My right arm

came free and I hit her as hard as I could using my elbow. I landed a hit right in her face, her wig fell a bit to the side, revealing some strands of black hair. She let go

of me, as soon as she did, I grabbed her and slammed her towards the stall's wall. My voice was low and filled with anger, "Who the ******** are you?! Don't ********

mess with me!" My years of fighting with my brother finally paid off. My mind was finally adjusting to the situation, I was no longer scared or shocked. She blocked

her face using her arms. Her voice was trembling, "W-w-wait! Wait! Wait! Please do-don't hurt my face! Not the face! I'm only here to fulfill yo-your desires, my

mistress." I was shocked,"What the hell are you talking about?! I'm not into girls!" My face was in disgust but I had to get answers, "Who sent you? I didn't ask for

any of this." She looked at me like I was crazy, "I'm from the Owl Erotic Dolls Company, are you not mistress Arlen?" It was my turn to look confused, "Owl

what?! MY NAME IS NOT ARLEN! You made a big identity mistake!" Someone knocked on the stall door, it was a women, "Excuse me miss? I'm terribly sorry for

making a mistake. It was not our dear lovely doll's mistake. It seems we mixed up our order for you." I unlocked the door and pushed the lolita porn girl at the

business dress women, who stood outside the stall. The women held the girl in her arms and petted her head,"I'm so sorry my lovely, I made a mistake in your

sending." The girl looked at me in a pout, "So this girl isn't my mistress? I'd really liked to have play with her." I clenched my fist and glared at both of them, "What

the hell do you want?! Is this a joke?!" The business women stepped in front of the girl and stared to introduce herself, "My name is Helen, I am a scientific inventor

for Owl Erotic Dolls. I live for science and serve mankind, either it be man or women. I have come here to straight things out. Someone high in rank in the Owl

Erotic Dolls company sent a christmas present to arrive early today. In return for a great deed you have done for...um excuse me for that someone. Don't worry you

have your present delivered to your room already. It is a great gift to receive since our products are so rare to give away. You don't have to pay for anything, the only

thing you have to do is go home and open your present." As soon as she was done speaking she ran towards the door and took a bow. A kind smile was on her

face, "I hope you will enjoy your early christmas present, it was one of MY creations that is superb of all other. Or I wouldn't be know as the top inventor in my

department. Goodbye miss, it was a pleasure to meet you." Before I could ask her more questions she threw something at me. It looked like a grenade but it was

pink. Smoke spilled out of it, my eyes slowly startled to close, I started to follow the women but feel down and passed out.

I awoke in my apartment, laying down on the couch. There was a fuzzy feeling in my head. I sat up slowly, my head was in a sleep mood. I couldn't think straight, I

feel walking up the stairs to my room. It was like I was walking in my sleep. I woke up when I reached my door. It didn't have a doorknob, there was only a hole on the

door where it should have been. Nothing was strange about that, when we moved here a couple months ago it didn't have one. We did buy one but it was

somewhere in the garage. I slowly crawled to the door, hearing for any noises, there was only the sound of rain dropping on the roof. I peeked into the hole, I was

surprised to find my dog sleeping on my bed. My eyes squinted, "You left me, my first dog would have protected me." I pushed the door slowly, scanning the room.

There was my tv, mirror, clothes,books,and my other stuff. Nothing was touched except my closet was slightly open. One side of the sliding doors revealed the

darkness inside the closet. I was always afraid leaving it open, it scared me that there might be someone looking at me through the opening. My breathing was

quicker, my stomach was getting knots. I slid the closet door fast, I stood in a 'ready to punch you' position. There wasn't anything in the closet, my body relaxed

in relief. I ran my fingers through my hair,"I was just dreaming, it was pretty freaky though. I probably just took a nap but...I don't remember walking back home." My

mountain of clothes were still there. Looking at the clothes I found a sticky note reading, "I want this mess cleaned up! NOW! Or else you won't have your

hangouts at the house with your friends on sunday." I stuck out my tongue in protest, the date on it was yesterday, on saturday. Starting on the mountain of

clothes, I sat on my butt, separating the colors from the white. My hand hit something hard when I got near the bottom. It felt like wrapping paper, immediately

my body froze up. Not caring about separating, I started to throw out my clothes. When I was finished, some of the wrapping paper was a bit torn in some places. It

was black wrapping paper with a red ribbon bow across the huge rectangular box. Looking at the parts where it was torn was just black underneath it. There was a

card attached to the bow. I ripped the card from the bow and read it, "Dear Miss, you have done a great deed for me that one day. I won't be mad if you don't

remember that day but you have given me a cherish memory. I was so taken with you that I have decide to give you one of my dolls as a thank you present, as well

as a christmas present. For your action was a miracle for me, I thank you again. Sincerely, Mr. Mister." I read it over and over again. I was confused and annoyed,

"Who is Mr.Mister? His right about one thing, I don't remember what I did to make someone give me something." Facing the strange present, I started to unwrap it

making a mess. There was some kind of screen on the side of the huge rectangular black box. It looked like it had a hand print on it, placing my hand on

it, it lit up. It scanned my hand then I retreated my hand away. On the screen it read 'confirmed'. It popped open on the top, sitting there like an idiot, I just stared

at it. I finally decided to open it and just get it over it. Putting my fingers underneath the open area I lifted up the top of the box. My face flushed red as I

looked at the guy inside. Covering my eyes with my hands, I curled into a ball, "Omgosh this is not a doll!"

To be continued.............

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