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kagomechan49's fanfic
this will be all about my yugioh fanfic! atlest untill i can get it on fanfiction . net
same and forever ch:5
Mobs of people surrounded the execution grounds. mahado pushed his way through. A hush fell over the crowd as the priests declared it time for isis to die. The people cheered, and Set ran as they began to throw stones.
"isis!" He cried. People stood in his way, refusing to let him past. He fought through all of them, emerging in the clearing in the half-circle mob. The priests stood a safe distance behind isis, who lay on the ground, stones littered around her. mahado ran to her.
"isis!" He called again, falling to his knees before her. She was unconscious. "isis! Wake up!"
People threw stones at him as well, but he did not care. Akhnaden shouted for them to stop, but the other priests did nothing and the people did not listen. mahado tried to protect her, but the people surrounded them. Rocks pelted them both. He realized he would probably die here with her.
Something lit up in the sky above them. mahado wouldn't lift his head to look, but he heard the roar. The dragon emerged, and landed around mahado and isis, shielding them. mahado looked up. The dragon roared again at the crowd, but it did not strike. The people all fled, screaming.
Another creature appeared, attacking the black dragon. The dragon pushed it aside easily, and then shot its white fire. The creature disappeared. The priests all shouted. The white dragon looked back to where the mob had been. Seeing no one, it disappeared.
isis stirred. mahado cried her name yet again.
"mahado...?" She asked. "You came back?"
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," he pleaded. "I'm a fool. It wasn't your fault. I just... I thought it was the bandits, and when they said it was you..."
"I shouldn't told you," she said. "But no one had ever cared for me like that before, and I was afraid you'd leave me..."
"Never," he promised. "I know I said it before, but I swear this time, I'll never leave you."
"Traitor!" Akhnaden shouted, running at them, sword drawn. "Move! I will kill the girl myself."
mahado pulled isis close. "I will not move!"
"mahado, no," she begged.
Akhnaden stopped in front of them. "You will die, boy."
"You will not kill her!" mahado screamed in defiance. Akhnaden raised the sword. mahado did not move.
But isis did. She pushed mahado away as Akhnaden struck. mahado watched in horror as the sword went through her.
"NO!" he cried as isis fell back down to him. He leapt forward to charge Akhnaden, but isis grabbed his hand before he could.
"Don't kill him," she begged Akhnaden. "He does not deserve to die."
"sisi!" Set cried, knowing there was nothing he could do. How, when they had finally come together, how could it end?
"Thank you, mahado," she smiled at him. "For loving me."
"isis, please," he begged, but her hand fell from his.
The priests let him live. Akhnaden told mahado to try to enter the service of the pharaoh and become a priest himself one day.
"Become one of you?" mahado spat,sobing still covered in isis's blood.

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