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[******** it.
Just ******** it.
******** winter.

******** sickness.
I'd had a month long cough that was so bad my back and ribs ached from me CONSTANTLY HACKING ALL OVER EVERYTHING.
Now it's over and my stomach starts trying to escape my body.

Sickness is all like, 'Hey, it's been 3 days since you've eaten anything substantial. Aren't you hungry? Oh so you're gonna get up from the fetal position to eat something? No you're not! If you try and leave me I'll make you throw up! I'm in control here, b***h! Hahah!'

Sickness is an a*****e.

AND to make things even better. My room smells like s**t. It's sawdust, week-old pb&j sandwich, and burnt plastic. Why the ******** does my room smell like all THAT!? And I'm freaking stuck up here till I feel like I can move without keeling over. AND I CAN'T OPEN THE ******** WINDOWS TO LET THE AWFUL OUT BECAUSE IT'S FREAKING SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!

Why do I live here?

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Vengeful Dreamer
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commentCommented on: Sun Jan 09, 2011 @ 12:34am
Why do I live here?

Because we're not old enough to be married and living together. heart
Feel better soon, my love.

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