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Into The Night. 3
Elliott awoke with a start at the sound of light rapping on his coffin lid.
"Eli, wake up, we must leave immidently." He heard Maxwell whisper through the wood. Slowly, and with agitated effort, Elliott found the clasp that held his coffin shut and clicked it open, as he began to push, he felt the weight of Maxwell supressing the lid to his woden tomb.
"I can not wake if you keep me in." Elliott said rather loudly, making sure Maxwell could hear his every word.
"Be silent you fool!" He hissed in a whisper, "we've been found out, you must wake slowly and in silence, for even now, i fear the athorities draw near..." Maxwell breathed out, he stoped supressing the lid and let Elliott rise; Elliott ajusted his eyes to the darkness and dreary of the celler; it smelled of fine wine and rodents. A smell that made Elliott cringe his nose as he stepped out of his coffin.
"Maxwell, what do yuo mean, 'we've been found'?" Elliott curtly said as he turned to Maxwell, who stood on the stairway, peering through a cracked door.
"A servent of mine came down to fetch wine, when she found us sleeping instead. She rushed off before I could let myself out and catch her. And now I fear, she has alerted others." Elliott sprang from the coffin and sneered at Maxwell.
"How could you be so ignorant?" He grasped Maxwell's shirt collar and lifted him agianst a wall. "What a fool you are Maxwell, allowing a servent to find us so easily, did you ever tell them not to enter the cellar at certian hours?"

"I have made rules Elliott, weather or not they follow them is their own." Elliott whipped his head around to the door where Maxwell was and listened intently.

"Well done Maxwell, I hear someone at the door. What shall we do if they come down?" Maxwell sighed and shook his head.

"Isn't the anwser clear Elliott? We must kill them." With those words, Elliott let Maxwell go and let him fall to the floor.

"Why?" he breathed, the thought of killing a human that wasn't food bothered him greatly.

"Because if we don't even more of London will know of our existance." Elliott grimly nodded, and accepted that what Maxwell said was true. With his nod, Maxwell walked to a darkend spot of the celler, where light did not dare touch.

"What are you doing?" Elliott puzzled over Maxwell's actions. Then he spoke, but Elliott could not see him, so it was as if the darkness was the one to whom replied.

"I'm waiting Eli, she'll come down soon, so lay in that coffin and don't move, sleep if you must, but don't move."

"A plan?" Elliott whispered, but the darkness did not anwser. Suddenly, the door began to open ever so slowly. Elliott rushed to the coffin with absolute silence and lay as if a corpse; hands folded neatly over his chest, his face relaxed and stoic. He lay motionless as he heard the footsteps of the maid approach his laying body. She sighed a very scared sigh as she inched toward the coffin, her footsteps slow and uncertian.

“He-Hello? Mr. Voltaire?” she said in a shaky tone. Elliott laid still, his body unmoving. “Mr. Voltaire? Are you well?” She tried once more to coax Elliott to stir, she drew near and tapped Elliott’s resting hand and waiting for a response. “Please Mr. Voltaire answer m- AHHHH!” She shrieked as Maxwell came from the shadows and dug his teeth into the side of the maid’s neck; Maxwell smothered her mouth to prevent her screaming. Elliott could hear the ripping and cracking of her flesh as Maxwell peeled it off her neck in a chunk and let the blood in her neck spew out and onto the floor, running down her whole body like rivers of crimson. He let her body go and fall to the ground, spitting the chunk of her flesh to the floor, disgusted because of his fullness. It was a loud death, but a quick one.

“ Get up Eli.” Maxwell said with blood on his lower jaw and down the front of his shirt. Elliott opened his eyes and moved out of the coffin, avoiding putting his nice shoes in the puddle of blood on the floor. Maxwell picked up the maid’s body and dumped it in the coffin where Elliott once lay, and closed the lid. “We can’t stay here Eli. People know. We have to leave.”

“Where do you propose we go Maxwell?” Maxwell paced the floor avoiding the puddle that stared to become a river flowing to the cellar drain.

“We can go to Leon.” Maxwell said with a questionable tone.

“Leon? As in France Maxwell? Why would we want to go there?” Elliott said as he tried to shoot Maxwell’s idea down.

“I have a cousin who lives there, he owns the other hospital my family has.” Maxwell tried to revive the idea with a certain place to stay. Elliott shook his head and thought for a moment, there was no way he could go home after what had happened. No way for either of them to return to London. Ever. It was truly the only way for them to go.

“What shall we do with the houses? We can never return to them now that this has happened.” Elliott pointed to the dead maid on the floor. Maxwell gave an odd face.

“I’m open to any suggestions you have Elliott.”

“Burn them to the ground. Servants and all.” Elliott said curtly.

“Alright then, though I must say Elliott, that’s grim, even for you.” Maxwell nodded and went up from the cellar, and made a disappearance. Elliott followed shortly and found Maxwell packing a few small things into a bag.

“What are these for?” Elliott said as he picked up a vial with a cork crammed in the top.

“Medicine, to tell my cousin of the tragic fire at my estate, and how only we survived.” Maxwell grinned and said with a satirical tone. Elliott only sighed and left the room, where he found a candle on an armoire near the cellar door.

“Maxwell, hurry yourself, I’m about to start the fire myself.” Elliott picked the candle up and walked slowly into the foyer and near the drapes. He glanced back to see Maxwell walking past him and out the door; as he left, Elliott let the candle to the drapes and let them set fire. They caught quickly and the fire spread as it climbed up the drapes to the ceiling. He watched for a moment, the drapes curling and blackening as the fire climbed higher and higher. Elliott then left and proceeded to the cellar once more. Maxwell’s coffin was gone, but his old one and the maid still remained. Elliott set fire to her clothing and let her burn inside the coffin. He had done his job, and made sure that Maxwell’s estate would catch fire, from bottom to top. He left the candle on a rug outside the cellar, and let it catch too, while he left out the door; he turned back for only a moment, and watched as Maxwell’s home had burst into flames, hearing the busting windows and watching as the flames crawled out of the newly opened windows and up the walls.

“It’s rather beautiful actually.” Maxwell said to Elliott as he watched his hospital burn to the ground.

“Why must you say that Maxwell?”

“Because it’s the closest thing to the sun we’ll ever get to see.” Maxwell smiled and walked to a carriage he had prepared for them, the driver sat up and wore dark colors, his eyes fixated only ahead of him, as if he was hypnotized.

“Maxwell, who is he?” Elliott said with a touch of fear in his voice.

“Don’t worry about him, he has been paid a very large sum o money to not say a word, and to drive us to the pier to board the boat to Leon. He won’t remember anything one we get off.”

“Why is that Maxwell? How can you trust a human so easily?”

“I can’t Elliott, but, I am getting rather hungry these days.” He grinned demonically as they boarded the carriage.

“To Mr. Voltaire’s estate!” Maxwell yelled at the driver, who pulled away quickly and as quietly as he could. The ride wasn’t long; they arrived in just under an hour, and the sun had not yet shown any sign of rising yet.

“Make it quick Elliott.” Maxwell said as the carriage came to a jerking stop. “We need to be out of the city before daybreak, or they’ll be trouble.” Elliott nodded solemnly.

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