In a perfect world.....

Nobody would ever have to feel like this. Nobody would ever have to feel the pain of loving someone who doesnt love you back.

I'm so stuck on them. The way they trick me into thinking that they love me just as much as i love them. Which only makes me fall for them harder. My love for them never died. Never. and I'm almost certain it never will. To think that we were trying to start new. We were trying to make things right. Trying to give it another try. I felt like there was no trying on their end. It was only me.

I want to cry. I feel numb. I cant cry over this anymore. I've shed too many tears for them. And what has the outcome become? Me...hurting..and alone..

I cant. I try to but i cant. I always think that "maybe". Maybe if i wait things will get better. Maybe if I do this they'll come back to me. Maybe if i changed they'll like me more and maybe if I do this they'll love me again.