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kagomechan49's fanfic
this will be all about my yugioh fanfic! atlest untill i can get it on fanfiction . net
tell us a bed time story
ME:*me winning another duel*
SETO:you cheat.......
ME: no,you just suck.....*starts another duel*
MAHADO:you should start the story......
ME:you tell, i do the disclaimer.....
ME:i dont own yugioh and all i own is atenra............. yeah!
i was walking down the hall."you rise, you rise, you shine,you who are crowned king of the gods.you are the lord of heaven, you are the lord of the earth;you are the creator of those who dwell in the heights and of those who dwell in the depths."she said.i walked back to the room,for i had passed there room - yes i said there,at that time the prince and princess shared a room.i stopped and peeked in the room. then i saw that the two were sitting on atem's bed. they were lost in there own little world. i steeped in the room,and stood in the doorway.
her brother continued the story.I'm guessing they were taking turns."you are the god one who come into being in the beginning of time.you did create the earth, you did fashion man, you did form hapi (the Nile). "
" you did create the watery abyss, and you do give life to all that therein is.you have knit together the mountains, you have made mankind and the beasts of the field to come into being,"
" you have made the heavens and earth. worshiped be you whom maat embraces at morn and at eve. you travel across the sky with heart swelling with joy."he finished.'' you do know, that's from the book of the dead,don't you?" i asked. they turned around."i did.'' atem said, smiling. "what is the book of the dead?"she asked."its a collections of spells which is to aid the dead in the crossing to the next life."atem said."well said my prince."i praised him. "shukran!" (thank you) he said.i smiled at him."you do know how Ra came into existence, don't you ?"i asked.they looked at each-other and both replied:la (no) "if i tell you, do you promise too go to sleep when i am finished?" i said. they were very happy when i said that,because they rarely get to hear a story. atenra and her brother were both grinning. "ok then."i said.atenra hopped in to atem's bed.
"In the beginning, nothing existed in this world, except for a watery chaos, and dark shadows. This liquid essence, from which all things would emerge, was known as Nun. Out of this primordial soup emerged the god of creation, the sun god Ra. In the morning, he was known as Khepera (the Creator). At noon, he was Ra of the Sun. In the evening, he was Atem the Complete.-" i was interupted by the atem.(not the god) " i was named after a god?!" atem squealed."yes most people are." i said. "hush, atemu! let him finish!" atenra said. i hade to laugh.
" anyway, Ra had the power of creation within him. Whatever he named, it came into existence. As he emerged from eternal Nun, he named many things, from the ground on which he stood to the air and the sands. Thus he named and created his children. He named Shu, and the god of the air was born. He then named Tefnet, and his daughter the goddess of the rain emerged. Ra continued to name the plants and the animals, creating life around him that was pleasing to the eye. And from his tears, the first of mankind emerged.
The sun, symbol of RaIn (time), Shu and Tefnet also created their own children. And so emerged Geb, the god of the earth, and Nut, goddess of the sky. Satisfied with all he had created, Ra set down and ruled the land of Egypt as the first Pharaoh.
Centuries passed, and Ra continued to rule Egypt. He then had learned a prophecy that a child of the goddess Nut would rise to take his place as Pharaoh. Fearful, he forbade Nut to have any children. However, she sought the aid of the wise god Thoth, and she gave birth to four children: Osiris, Isis, Nephthys and Set.
As long as his Secret Name was not known to anyone, Ra would continue to rule the land. Once it was revealed, he would have to leave the earth and only rule from the skies. The other gods knew this, and Isis, sister and wife of Osiris, was determined to learn Ra's secret name. With guile and deceit she succeeded, and Ra was forced to leave. Thus the prophecy was fulfilled and Osiris, son of Nut, became the next Pharaoh.
After Ra left the land to rule from the skies, Osiris took his place as pharaoh of Egypt, with Isis by his side. Together, they had a son, the baby Horus. Osiris taught mankind many things, from the secrets of planting grain to make bread, to those of brewing barley for beer. And the people rejoiced at having such a great pharaoh.
Hieroglyphs recounting a mythHowever, not all were happy. Osiris' brother, the crafty god Set, was jealous of the attention and power that Osiris had. He gathered some conspirators to remove Osiris permanently.
Through trickery, Set succeeded in trapping Osiris in a chest, and sealing it shut, suffocated the mighty pharaoh. The chest was dropped into the Nile river, where it floated out into the sea. When the goddess Isis learnt of this, she fled into the wilderness with the baby Horus.
Isis knew that as long as Osiris was not buried with the proper funerary rites, he could not carry on his journey into the afterlife. So, leaving Horus with a guardian, Isis set forth searching for the chest. In time, she managed to find it.
But Set found out about it and broke the chest, butchering Osiris' body into many pieces and threw them all over the countryside. Again Isis searched, and where she found each piece of Osiris, she performed the funerary rites, and at last Osiris was able to complete his journey and join Ra in the underworld.
As Horus grew up in hiding with Isis, Set controlled the deserts. But Horus was guided by the spirits of Ra and Osiris, and soon was powerful enough to challenge Set. Set was a master of disguises, and as the armies of Horus and Set met, Set transformed into a giant hippopotamus in order to crush Horus' armies. But with a mighty throw of his harpoon, Horus pierced the head of the hippopotamus and slew the evil Set. And Horus became the next pharaoh of Egypt.
When Horus in turn passed into the underworld, he waged an unending battle with Set. When the battle is won, Osiris will return to the land of the living to claim his throne."i finished, atem and atenra were asleep.
ME: i conveniently forgot to mention that atem is about 8, and im like 2.
MAHADO: conveniently ?
ME: yes..........
SETO: why am i not in this?
ME: because i dont like you!!!
SETO: what.......
ME: *glomps* just kidding!!!
*kisses on cheek and runs off*
SETO: *blushes madly*
MAHADO : *chuckles*

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