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I've been going on the supernatural forum a lot lately.
The people there are either bitter, sarcastic, yet well informed and intelligent bitches; or they're ignorant, quick to assume, paranoid, close-minded, attention seeking brats.
Some people are different, for better or for worse, hopefully I'm different in a good way.
I'm not really sure why I go there now...
It might be because I like watching them argue.
Maybe I like all the scary stories that go around.
I might just like stalking the people that I see and know without actually talking to them.
Or I might like hearing opinions on what paranormal occurrences and beings really are.
I could just like all of it.

But that doesn't explain why I actually post there.
I mostly just answer people who say they've had a weird dream or seen shadow people or some other bullshit story I decide to take seriously.
I'll say something like,
"Don't worry it's nothing supernatural, everyone has weird dreams."
Then I'll go on to say all the things it could have been that aren't supernatural.
Then I'll say what to do if it actually was a ghost.
That's when I feel like an idiot, but I can justify it.

I'll tell them that the first thing they should do would be to ignore it.
And the good thing about saying this is that it has a pretty good chance of working to remove a 'ghost' whether or not it was actually there.
By ignoring it, they stop feeding into their imagination, they might even start thinking rationally. They'll probably stop seeing things after they decide they don't care if they do or not.
And if there really are ghosts they're probably just trying to get attention, and when it's not given to them they might just leave eventually.

After I say that, I'll tell them that if they really don't want it there they should tell it firmly to leave.
This also works either way.
When they stand up to it, they feel more empowered and might be less afraid if they see it again.
Plus by telling it to leave, they believe that it's really left. It calms their nerves which helps stop the paranoia that probably leads to seeing, hearing, and feeling things that aren't really there.
But if ghosts were actually there it lets them know that the person has power and won't stand for being bullied. And that they either don't have the ability or are unwilling to help them pass and that they have to do it themselves.


But one of the worst things about posting this stuff on the supernatural forum is that I'm usually talking to idiots.
They go there either afraid, paranoid, attention seeking, or trolling.
The people who are afraid and paranoid I find the least shame in talking to.
But most of the other semi-intelligent people go into a topic to hate and condescend, this makes the OP angry and lapse into,
"Shut up I know what I saw,"
I'd really like to tell people how stupid they sound and that I have to deal with the same s**t all the time yet don't blame my paranoia on being followed by a spirit because I'm super special.
telling off people who are convinced they have some kind of something that other people don't tends to get bad results.
So I tell them what could be done in the case that they are as interesting as they think they are.
And so that I don't start annoying the smart people on the forum I tell them that they're probably not dealing with a ghost and offer alternative explanations.

That way I avoid the most hate and get the best results.

I mean not all the OPs I talk to are stupid brats, but I usually tell them all the same things.

I act as though I'm pretty sure in what I'm saying, and I am.
if there really are ghosts, doing what I said would be the right thing to do.
But I'm still not convinced that paranormal things really exist.


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