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bpr66's Journal Hi. Im bpr66. My journal will probably have alot of stuff about my fav animes in it.

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7 Minutes in Heaven (Ouran Style)
Pick your fav ouran character and read what is written beside them. I hope you see what you like and hav fun with your seven minutes. 4laugh
Some of it might not make sence...

Hiitachin Kaoru

Kaoru looks over your shoulder. "That's me." He says, smiling a bit. He looks at Hikaru. He looks a bit hurt... Kaoru puts a hand around you. Hunny pushes you guys into the closet. "Have fuuun~" You start to sit down against the wall, and he does the same. Kaoru tugs you gently close to him. "Kaoru-kun..." You mumble. Kaoru chuckles a bit. "_____-chan, when you think about it...Who do you want to spend your whole life with?" He asks. You feel uneasy. "I'm not sure about that...But if I had to choose...It would be you." Kaoru's eyes widen. He looks at you. "I feel the same way about you, ___. I...really like you." He leans in a little, then his lips touch yours. His lips were soft, and not chapped. You draw back, leaning on his shoulder as he kisses your forehead softly. "Y'know, I always thought you and Hikaru would be great together. I'm still shocked that you picked me. I'm also very happy..." He whispers. After 7 minutes pass, you guys walk out of the closet, smiling to one another. Hikaru frowns. Hunny looks at you. "What happened, ____-chi?" Hunny asks. You glance at Kaoru. Kaoru blushes, but smiles. "Oh, nothing." You say, happily.

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Hiitachin Hik

Hikaru glances over your shoulder. "Ah, thats me." He says, gently. "Nooo! My little girl!" You hear Tamaki say. Hikaru chuckles. Hunny pushes you guys into the closet. "Have fuun~" You could hear Hunny say. He slams the door shut. It's pretty dark in the room. you cringe a bit after you hear a wail outside. "You scared, ___?" He asks, quietly. "Kinda...-" Hikaru quickly holds your head in his hands, and starts kissing you. His lips are against yours. You kiss back. His kisses were soft...and sincere. "___, you should know that I think you're the most beautiful thing in the world," He mutters. "Hi-hikaru-kun..." You mutter. He smiles. His arms start to wrap you, keeping you warm. As 7 Minutes pass, you come back, holding hands, smiling. Kaoru glances at Hikaru, and puts his arm around him. The hosts seem worried, unaware of what happened. "Dude, what happened?" He asked. Hikaru takes a quick glance at you. "Just had an amazing moment, with the girl I want to spend my whole life with." User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Ootori Kyouya

"Oh, that's me." Kyouya says. Tamaki glares at Kyouya, then goes to his emo corner. "Lucky Kyouya...He stole my...little girl." Kyouya starts to smirk. Before you could say anything, Hunny pushed you guys into the closet. "Have fuun~" He slammed the door shut. As you sit down against the wall, Kyouya sits next to you. "You know, since you came to Ouran, you seemed to change the lives of the hosts." He picked up a strand of your hair. "Including me." He brushed it behind your ear. "O-ootori..." You mumble blushing intensly. He holds your face and starts kissing you intensely. You fall back, Kyouya on top of you. After 7 minutes...You guys are still in there. -______-" Kaoru looks at Hikaru, curious. "Do you think...?" Tamaki turns emo...er. Honey has no clue on what's happening, so he opens the door. "Lets find out!" He cheers. After the door opens, Honey's smile fades away. Hikaru and Kaoru: WHAT THE HELL, KYOUYA?! Tamaki: My....My little girl. *Dies* Mori: .... Honey: ....? As the hosts stare at you, you blush intensely. Your shirt's riding up, and your fly's open. You stand up, and storm down the hallway, embarrassed. Kyouya follows, and when he catches up to you, he grabs your arm gently. It'd be a slow motion moment.... biggrin He grabs you by the shoulders, then kisses your fore-head. "I guess I'll see you later," He says, winking. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


The twins frown. "Tamaki's your type?" They say in unison. "H-hey!! You have no business on what my type is!" You shout. Tamaki perks up as he hears his name. He starts to turn red. Hunny grabs your hand and Tamaki's and puts them together. "Have fuun~" He cheers, shutting the door. You lay your back against the wall. Tamaki does the same, still holding your hand. "O-oh! You want me to let go?" He asks, blushing. You blush, too. "No, it's okay! I kinda like it when you hold my hand.." You mumble. Tamaki blinks, then smiles. "Don't you wish things can stay as the way they are now? I don't want to let this moment go. I owe to the twins actually." He says, looking down, smiling. 'He really is the Prince Type,' You think to yourself, staring at Tamaki in awe. Tamaki's eyes meet you. "_____-chan, I really like you...I want you to be happy, the way you are." He says, with a little laugh in his voice. He puts his hand under your chin, then starts to kiss you. You could tell he's somewhat embarrased. His kisses were sweet, and gentle, like him. After 7 minutes pass, Hunny opens the door slowly...Kyouya takes out his camera. You were alarmed at the flash of the camera. "This is going on the new issue of the Ouran Magazine." He says, smirking. Hikaru and Kaoru dance around laughing. "How sweeet~" They sing. Tamaki draws back, blushing. You do the same. "I'm going to kill you..." You say to the twins and Kyouya. Tamaki blinks, then laughs. "That's my girl." He mumbles, patting your head.
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[Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Hunny)

The hosts frowns deepen. "Hunny-sempai?!" They cry. You blush, looking down at Hunny. He draws Usa-chan closer to him. You guys walk to the closet, awkwardly. You sit down next to the wall, as Hunny does the same. You look at him. "Hunny-sempai, you okay?" You ask, reassuringly. "Mm-hm." He says, staring down at his stuffed bunny. He looks at you with a strong look like the 17 year old he is. "I hate how everyone treats me like a child, personally, but you treat me differently." He says, his eyes, glistening. You blush. "Well, because you are 17 years old, while I'm _(age)___," You say, quietly. He smiles. "I'm glad you do." As you both lean in for the kiss, your lips touch the tiniest bit, but the 7 minutes are up. The twins open the door with an evil grin until they see you and Hunny. They stare with this expression: O.O" Kaoru nudges his brother hard. "Duuuude, they were getting serious!!" He screams. The hosts also peek in, surprised. "Hey!!" You scream, drawing back embarrassed. Hunny blushes too. "...." Is all he says. Even though thats not anything. xD Hunny hides behind Usa-chan until....Mori then rises a plate of cake in his hand. Hunny gasps, excitedly. "C....Caaaaake~" He cheers, running to Mori with a fork that came out of nowhere in his hand. Hikaru come to the left side of your body. "Poor _____..." Kaoru comes to the right side. "So close to kissing Hunny-sempai..." They tease, playfully. "Knock it off..!" You scream, miserably. You glance at Hunny-sempai. He glances back. He blinks, then smiles with another fork. "Let's share cake, ____-chan~!" He says, smiling. "My thanks to you."
"Eh...? For what?" You ask. Hunny blinks again, then grins.
"For treating me at the age I am." He quickly pecks you on the cheek before the host can see.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

[Takashi Morinozuka (Mori)

After your last choice..."Who's that...?" They ask, curious. No one answers..."That's me." You hear Mori say in a corner of the host club. You cringe for a moment. '....Mori-kun?!' Hunny suddenly pushes you too into the closet. "Have fuun~" Hunny cheers. He shuts the door, then...silence. You put you back against the wall, and Mori does the same, standing close to you. He puts his arm on top of your head, then rest on his arm. He silently mutters out a word that you cant make out, but it sounds close to 'I love you.' You stay still for a while, then smile. You wrap your arms around Mori, sighing. He looks at you, then tilts his head a bit. "You okay...?" He mumbles, lifting your chin. You smile a little bit. "Mm-hm." He draws your body closer to his, the starts kissing you. Your eyes light up with a bit of surprise, but then they start to close as you kiss more. His lips were a bit chapped, but they weren't bad. You kiss him one last time...But then, time runs out. Hunny peeks into the closet a teensy bit, then gasps. "Takashi-kun..." He mutters. Kyouya's glasses shine, while the rest of the hosts are shocked about this happening. You jump, shocked as well, when you see them. Mori smiles, one of his rare smiles, creeping out the hosts. The twins backs away, their arms defending each other. You glance back at Mori, then start to smile. "This is beginning to look like something wonderful," You mumble to Mori. He smiles, nodding.
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