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What a tragic topic
Too all the children my mom aborted in her life, I apologize, But I would have never gotten my own room if she hadn't. That’s just terrible they think loudly. This girl is a monster. No this girl is honest. More honest than you can handle and it scares you slightly. Who knows she could just snap at any minute and tell us all sorts of things we just don’t want to hear. Well the truth is kiddies the world is full of people who are going to tell you things you don’t want to hear.

For example, I never wanted to hear that, in spite of all the babies my mothers aborted in these 32 years, I will be losing my room. Even though it was just a porch they were calling a "sun room" I will miss it terribly. I also didn't want to hear that Daddy wants to take me, but I would never go with out my best friend, my Rosie, because its against the rules of his home to have dogs.

What a pity. I could have had at least three more children to baby sit. Little hellions like the rest but still life. Had I even known what was happening maybe I could have saved them from death. Is it even considered death if its not born yet? Though it is alive it is not born. I suppose if it is alive it has the ability to die, correct? Or is it if it was never born it cannot die? Who knows.

I guess that’s why the senate hasn't made it illegal yet. No one knows if you can classify something that hasn't been born yet in a group that could be brutally murdered by the parents. Oh that was a little blunt wasn't it? It happens I suppose. What’s to say really?

Maybe se would have named them pretty little names like Hope and Faith, and dressed them in little outfits on holidays and such. Maybe I would finally have a little brother to see everyday. I would have wanted her to name him Joey or Michael. After the brother long gone from my thoughts. Who knows, maybe it would have been the promise child with the honor role and the sports awards. You just never know what your throwing away these days.

Who knows? Maybe I'll send this letter to the white house and they'll lock me up for sounding completely insane. Maybe it'll make everyone think about whats happening in the world. I wouldn't know what to say if it was me who'd changed the world. Maybe one of those babies could have been the one to bump a beaker and cure cancer. In which case good job mom, you just killed millions of people. I hope your freaking proud of yourself.

On the topic of cancer, tragic as it is, what would we do if billions of people didn't die every year? We’d be completely overcrowded and I don't know if I'd like that very much. Again they're all thinking that was awful. Lock that girl up. And the sad part is deep down you know what I've said so far is true. Its only my opinion and I don't know why you continue to read if you don't like it.

I think I'm going to write a letter to a friend tonight. A dear friend as she is she is not the wisest of my friends. Sleep deprived to her internet addiction calling forth from the computer, she plays her WoW. Gee could you be anymore lame. What a change in topic.

Actually, maybe one of those people who died of cancer could have though of a way to survibe on the moon. So again, good job mom for murdering my siblings.

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