Well, I didn't do as bad as I thought I would, but I still scored average. Oh well. Anyway, after school today starts spring break!! Unfortunately I'm going to be working helping my grandma remodel a house that she is going to rent out in Scappoose, OR. I really am not looking forward to it, other than the fact that it's another week in Portland xD. But on the other hand, maybe I can get back at this bitchy lady at Jentzen Beach Mall's Ross store (the manager) she like, killed my chances at ever having anything there...but oh well...my anger fire has already been put out. My boyfriend and I have discussed it and it's like, not even a sliver in my eye anymore. But anyhoo, other than that, I am having a blast here. I am getting a new CD when I get home. It's an Indian CD called Dhoom. It's really cool. I sampled it yesterday and decided I'm going to dance to one of the songs for the upcoming talent show.

Well, in other news, this has been your loyal friend, Chloe pouring her life out to all y'all fans (and non-fans), so have a nice day.