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Story of a Stranger
When things start to hit you hard all at once, you begin drifting further and further from your self. You become a stranger.
Age 14
Around fourteen I joined a common-wealth school and met new people. Things were alright for the first four months, but after a while I began to notice my "friends" weren't really paying attention to me. They ignored me, the blew me off in conversations, whenever I tried saying something funny, they'd look at me weird and change the subject. I didn't understand it. I thought I was just fine. I thought I was a normal person like everyone else. I loved how I dressed, and I liked how I looked. I started paying really close attention to how I acted around them, and realized I must have been kind of weird.

I started changing how I acted. I tried to be more mature, I was less clingy and bossy, and I treated people nicer. It helped a little bit, but still people seemed to act weird around me.

I started researching online what the cool hairstyles were and looked for tips on personal hygiene. I still loved the way I dressed, so I didn't bother looking up fashion or anything like that. I began taking showers every day, and doing my hair. I even got it cut in an emo style, complete with bangs swept in front of my face. I also had my mom get me braces. My teeth were horribly crooked.

Once I changed a little bit, people began to notice me again. My friends complimented my hair, and told me I looked better than I normally do. They actually started talking to me too. It was nice. I loved the attention.

After about a month, around February sometime, things began to go back to how they used to be. Everyone eventually got used to my new look, and once again, they started leaving me out of everything. So, I looked at how they dressed next. I got back on the computer and researched popular styles in clothing. The first thing that came up was a girly sort of style, this girl dressed in flared jeans and a pink lacy blouse. She had a lot of jewelry and accessories too.

This was the style I went with. I bought pink headbands, jeans, pink and yellow and baby blue shirts, pink sneakers, a pink purse... I also bought a ton of bracelets and necklaces and fake earrings. I wore as much of my new things as I could at once. My friends began to notice again.

They mostly noticed that I could afford a ton of "expensive" things. I had told them it was all expensive anyway. They all wanted me to get them stuff too. I wanted them to like me, so I agreed. I ended up spending all the money I had ever earned through baby-sitting and through my parents just to buy them all fancy things. When I had to explain to them that I had no more money, they just went back to ignoring me.

I decided to ditch the whole pink faze. I spent half the summer selling my new pink clothes and accessories, researching more styles on the internet, and then making trips to thrift stores to buy skinny jeans, black shirts, fingerless gloves, and black headbands.

The other half of the summer I spent researching in general. I figured school was more important than friends who couldn't treat me right, so I decided to catch up on everything I had missed during my childhood. For a month and a half I was on the computer 16 hours a day just doing homework.I found out I had an eidedic memory. I could remember everything I read. This made catching up very easy. By the time my common-wealth school started again after the summer, I was all caught up.

I got back to school and everyone loved my new style. The only thing really wrong with me was that I needed to lose weight, they said. After all, I was about 190 pounds. I didn't take it to heart and just kept going as I was. I mean, I was five feet and nine inches tall. People talked to me, they listened, I felt at home. Then winter vacation started and I went back to cramming in 16 hour a day study sessions as I waited for school to start again. I even got my braces removed. I had only needed to wear them for a year.

School finally started and I immediately joined a higher level class. I was fifteen now, and I was the youngest in a class of 11. This class is where I met Lucas.

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