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January – 8 of cups
8 is also the number of , changes, cycles, and death.
There is something missing, which makes the search continue. Follow your intuition.

Maybe it’s a good idea to let go some of the ‘achievements’? And listen to yourself. What do you want?

- There are more possibilities, fullness, capitulations
- Leaving behind, let go of achievements.
- The search continuesd
- Follow your intuition
- A call, desire
- Somethings missing

February – 6 of swords
6 is the number of consciousness of the past, today and the future.
Old worries and problems from the past will come to the surface, but this time you won’t be alone.

- Journey to an unknown future
- Old worries, problems and fears, hope
- acquiescence in faith
- Not alone

March – page of cups
Not everything in life is great. And you need a taste of bitter first before you realize that not everything is beautiful.

- Fantasy
- Curiousity
- Danger
- Shallow
- Taste of bitter. Not everything in the world is great

April - king of cups
A month of responsibilities, you’ll be succesful in something.

- Strong feelings
- Responsibility
- Succesful

May – 5 of swords
5 symbolisizes a new development.
This will be a month of good and bad things. You will lose someone or something, but you will get something good in return.

- loss, abandonment
- shame, humility
- suffering of winning and losing.
- Losers and winners

June - knight of swords
You’re asking too much of yourself. Take a step back, a deep breath and think again.

- The fighter
- Warrior
- Leave all the uncertainties behind you

July - Temperance
Love. A month of love! But don’t lose the material world out of your eyes. Finally a moment of peace in your life. Enjoy it.

- Balance
- Harmony
- Game with energy
- Desires

Augustus – 8 of swords
You feel trapped, but you’re not. Take responsibility and take the path that is ahead of you.

- Belief in your own helplessness and defenselessness.
- Illusion being trapped
- Not able to take responsibility for your own life.
- crisis

September - page of swords
Don’t be so careless. You need to make choices that can be pretty important in the future for you.

- Careless
- not sure what you want to be
- can’t choose between love and hate, yes/no
- can’t make a choice, or else you’ll be stuck and you’ll never grow up.

October – 7 of swords
7 is the symbol of crisis, onzekerheid en instabiliteit
Watch out. Maybe there are a few things you might want to avoid. Or you’re avoiding while you shouldn’t.

- You’re moving to the future, but still looking at the past
- Avoid conflicts
- Old reaction pattern
- list, theft

November - 4 of swords
4 means material world.
Life can be hard. But don’t give up, Don’t ignore your feelings, things will become positive again.

- withdraw, isolation

December - 5 of cups
December might a month of sadness for you.
You will lose something. And it’s time that you deal with the past. But to do that you need to look back first.

- Sorrow/vexation, seperation, loss
- Deal with the past
- Looking back is necessary
- Need to look back before you move on. As long as you sad about what has happened, you’re blind for the new things.

Summary - 7 of pentacles
2012 will be a year with surprises. And life will test your patient. Have faith, everything will turn out just fine.

2012 won’t start great, you will get past some obstacles, and the year might not end great for you either. It’s a year of losing. But you will grow and learn.

- Waiting, patient
- Everything needs time to grow
- Trust and doubts