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don't twist your head too far back in this archive, you'll break your neck and experience terrible lyrics.
Only a Number, Darling
This is for Avail! btw...

The oldest man I ever knew
his age was 85, while
The oldest girl I ever known
had aged to 99,
And they filled my head with wondrous tales
of war and fright, every night
I've pondered if I'll ever do
something that important in my life

My friends and I just laze away
with beer and supple chimes
And my lungs well they just rot away,
and blacken as they fry
I wonder while I lay awake
If I'll ever make it past 59

Or just sit for an eternity,
talkin' 'bout good times
Although I've only just turned 19,
& older folk will b***h an' whine
About the good times that I'll see ahead
I've only scratched the line
But I'm wearing that line into ruts
while pissin' 'way my time

The joy I'd found in everything
has dwindled as of late, &
What happy figures danced around
have fizzled into hate
For my life my love my everything
my mind just marinates
Deep in simple silent sad songs
no other can appreciate

And those figures they run scared and hide
not accepting fate
That things live and die and cry before they
reach the pearly gates
Or are born again in different things,
their souls new forms to sate
And I weep for them with weary eyes
basking in the shade

What hellish things will come to me
whose wicked wishes pain
And all the songs I wrote of getting older
with no name
So write will I these no name songs
till I collect my fame
Then sizzle out like falling stars
before me as I fade

But time is ticking slower still
as we all go through our days
And those withered thoughts not thought again
will shortly pass away
So as they die lets sit and cry
and mourn above the graves
Because nothing's more important than
the lost time we've pissed away

2 answers to 2 questions that may or may not be asked.
1. Yes this is a song, not a poem, what do you think I am, a f** or something...
2. Yes this is my work, I don't believe in plagiarizing, and don't you ******** dare try to steal this, it has a DATE on it, stupid.

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