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A Dark Night - Part 2
I was lying in bed, listening to the rain that fell softly outside, when I heard him. It was nothing more than the soft tap of his shoes landing on the metal platform outside my window. I stayed where I was, curled into the many pillows. I didn’t have a lot of money, for any nice things, but I always bought myself pillows.
I heard him sigh, softly, as he sat on the ledge of the window. There were two thumps, as his heavy boots fell to the floor, followed buy a wet sounding smack. I stretched lightly, and rolled to my back as he came into view.
He stood, shirtless, his dark wet hair hanging in his eyes. Eyes that looked tired, and held a knowing, far beyond his 16 years. He’d seen and done things, that even I could only imagine.
I slowly crawled out of the bed, and wrapped him in a hug. His warm arms wrapped around me, chin resting on the top of my head. I felt oddly like a child, in the arms of its protector. Odd, because I was the elder.
We stood there, in that way, for some time. Just holding each other, neither becoming uncomfortable or wanting to move apart. We just stood there, knowing that, at least for a little while, somebody care.
He lowered his head, to drop a kiss on my neck, where my scar ended. Another sigh passed his lips, making him seem years older. I thought suddenly, what he would have been successful at, if he’d been allowed to have a normal life. Probably a doctor, because of his need to help people. Or maybe a lawyer, but the good kind, so he could come by his justice legally.
After a few more moments, I pulled him to the bed, where we laid, him with his head resting on my chest. Slowly I brushed my hands through his hair. He ran his fingers along my hip, uncovered by my rumpled t-shirt.
Sleep came easily then, and we both fell softly. I barely woke, when he shifted, so that he cradled me in his arms, surrounded by my mountain of pillows. I sighed, contentedly, and laid my head on his shoulder.

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