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ArtWork ;3
This is my ArtWork, pm if you would like me to make you some!;D
******** My Luck Rant
Hay Der emotion_awesome
Let's start with the reasons I haven't been on gaia for about 5 months; it's because my ******** life blew up. And I mean more than the usual of moving from state to state. The reason this is called ******** my luck is because I am super unlucky and my laptop died :/ I need to buy a new battery for it but they're ******** expensive! Like tha ******** mane I just want my internet life back _----_ !
I am also super ******** unlucky because I got hacked.. And as you may hear people complain that it ******** blows being poor. I worked so ******** hard for the money I had and then it was just ******** gone.
Gaia hasn't done s**t about it either! I, of course, filed a report and have yet to get any type of response from anyone. I also told my gaia friends but, unlike the times that they needed extra money or got hacked and I lended a warm, kind and ******** patient helping hand, they didn't give and/or say s**t to me. THOSE ********' BACKSTABBING SNOBS. So I'm going to delete everyone on my friends list. Actually no. I'll just change the name to ********' backstabbing snobs..
So this was a random splat of denial, frustration, and anger. I promise that my next posts will be super sweet yum_puddi
Comment if you read this because I will give you a page full of my man puddi yum_puddi

Live like Jay.[/size:8027ab521d]

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