Yesterday's Weather: Sunny

Woke up late, had eggs and ham, rice with beef and tofu, with a bowl of cabbage soup.

Went to the new 99 cent market, which was in the building that used to be the Roller Dome. Didn't realize how big the building really was.

Went to Best Buy. Sister mentioned Black 2 and White 2 were 50% off, or around $15. She wanted Black 2, but the store here was sold out, so we went to the other Best Buy, reserving a copy beforehand, and the last one at that. I'm happy for my sister getting the game.

Went back to school. Traffic jam held me back half an hour. There were 2 accidents.

Met up with dorm mates at the dining commons. We had a short conversation.

Saw the latest episode of Adventure Time. I almost thought I missed it, but it turns out it was being aired later. I almost missed it again since I saw the episode before and thought it was only a rerun.

Happiness Rating: 4