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The Attic Part 2 (a creepypasta)
Just when life seemed normal, it changed. Before there were knocks, just simple knocks and the sensation of fear nothing harmful and nothing mean or scary, really.. that week, I had nightmares, horrible, god fearing nightmares. It didn't seem to be a big deal to me at first, it started harmlessly, i was in the house, in the kitchen, when the door opens, a little. then the dream ends, but it got so much worse. Every night, the door would open just a little bit more than the last time, until finally, I saw it. As shadow as tall as a man, with eyes, not normal people eyes, eyes that had pure black iris and pupil, lined with a blood red ring, these eyes had set a fear in me so powerful that when I awoke that night, I was covered in sweat. I immidently dug the knife out from behind my bed and unsheathed it holding it as if ready for battle, and walked quietly across the house and through the kitchen to the door, and I shook when I saw it... the door was unlocked, and slightly ajar. I felt a chill that made me shake and get goosebumps, and I shakily shut the door, too afraid to open it and face those eyes and whatever the hell they belonged to. I raced to my room; there wasn't a prompted reason for running, I just, felt like I should, that I needed to get away from it.
That morning, I told my parents and my sister with as little paranoia and emphasis as I could, that the door must remain locked at all times. My mom and dad only laughed at me and said that I had been 'watching too many horror movies again.' Yes, I had an obsession with horror movies, and I did watch them alot, so I couldn't fight it, and I couldn't tell them about the dreams, they'd think that I was crazy, so I dropped it and left going to my room and shutting the door behind me, resuming the morning TMNT episode. My door opened abruptly and caused me to nearly jump out of my skin and I turned to see my sister. I looked at her for while, she seemed to be scared and as paranoid as I was, paler and sleep deprived.
"Kari?" I whispered as she looked at me with an expression as if she was about to cry, she closed my door behind her, and sniffled as she spoke.
"I'm so scared, I-I don't know what to do...Help me big brother..." She sobbed, I embraced her and began rubbing her back to calm her down, when I finally calmed her down she began to tell me what it was that shook her so, "I know what you're talking about, when you say there are eyes and shadows in the garage... I've seen them Erin, The eyes as black as night with red rings, the shadow as tall as a man with arms that fall to the ground and drag long claws behind them...I'm scared of them Erin, I'm so scared... and They're getting closer, every night, one step closer, closer to us, to me!" What my sister said wasn't quite registering to me, the words made sense, I knew what she was talking about, sorta. I saw the eyes, but no claws and no arms, just a shadow with eyes that scared the hell out of me. I continued to ask her what she meant by what she said, and I shivered when she told me simply, "last night, in my dreams he finally made it to my door, and he opened it. When I awoke, my door was open..." She began crying and couldn't stop, as I sat next to her I calmed her down by saying that it would be alright, and that I promised I would get his 'thing' after us.
When her tears finally subsided, I sent her to her room with one of the dogs and she went to bed.
I couldn't sleep that night, I spent the hours up drawing this thing, trying to imagine what it would look like, I drew the twisted arms, the claws and gave it gnarled legs with long toenails like I thought it should have, but when I went to draw the eyes, those creepy eyes, I stopped my self, and an overwhelming fear enveloped me. I put away my sketches and tried to drink some coffee and without realizing it, I fell asleep. The next morning I awoke to my mother and father screaming and wailing and banging on my door hysterically, I opened it and asked, what happened....In retrospect, I should've known, and I should have been more prepared... my sister, my dear beloved little sister, was gone...
none of her friends had seen her, the missing posters went up, the police were convinced it was some kind of rapist or pervert and searched everywhere for her, the reward got higher and higher and my parents began spiraling into a depression that I knew I couldn't help them out of.
That was three weeks ago.
Since then, I left my house and moved in with some friends in Orange City, and have lived there since, but not all is well and dandy, I know that the Attic, that's what I've named the thing, is still after me, no matter where I go, I feel watched, no matter where I stay, I can't sleep, and recently, very recently, our attic door broke in half, and every night, for the past three days, I've heard the knocks on my door..

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