And here's to the 2nd last journal entry for my ethics experiment.

The day before yesterday's weather: cold

3 discussions in a row. It would be just another Friday, but I'm still sick. Planned out CS140 with my partner to work on Sunday and Monday, since we were both busy that day. CS162 I talked with another partner about the assignment for CS174A, giving him some tips as he hasn't started it yet and due on Monday, as well as deciding when to meet up with yet another partner. At CS174A, got homework 3 back, did good. Also got early report back with some suggestions for improvements.

After lunch, went to CSIL to work with my partner in CS174A. He hadn't started either, so I helped him through the first problem as well as helping me on the last part of it. Turns out my answer was right all along, so that was a relief. He had to leave before we could finish the entire problem, so I spent the rest of the day working on CS162. Only when I was about to leave did I see my partner for the class nearby. Regrettable I didn't notice earlier.

Had dinner, took a shower, drove back home. Smooth traffic.

At home, met with parents and discussed my sickness. Sister not home due to going to a retreat. Dad drove me in his new car to the bookstore. It was cool to see all the new features all our previous cars didn't have.

Went to sleep earlier.

Happiness Rating: 3

Yesterday's Weather: cold

Slept very late, but feeling better.

Went with family to car dealership so my dad would get a tutorial on the features of the new car. After that, we went to the grocery store, then to my mom's friend's house to give her some of the groceries.

Spent rest of the day at home recovering. Had quite a headache after the car trip.

Happiness Rating: 4