The Sechuna are the female version of the Manguanacs. While the Manguanacs protect the human race from outside threats, the Sechuna protect the human race from themselves, mostly from their own stupidity.

They're a high-tech group based on a planet simply known as The Colony. From there they work on saving humans from new diseases, curing world hunger and helping humans settle on new planets without destroying them or starting a war with any indigenous lifeforms.

Anya is queen of the hoverboards. She usually wears her hair in a messy bun. There's nobody who can ride faster than her. She enjoys fast things and working with electronics. She will probably beat you up if she thinks you deserve it.

Picture references:
[x] Yellow shoes, sideways.
[x] With hoverboard
[x] Happy
[x] Fashionable
[x] Chibi doodle

Outfit ideas:
[x] Leather gloves, yellow shoes
[x] Stars, stripes and rock and roll
[x] Sandy
[x] Plaid is rad
[x] Carnival
[x] Blue green
[x] Plaid
[x] Let's go hiking


Outfit ideas:
[x] Smart kitten
[x] Put it in my doggybag
[x] Snuggly yet fashionable
[x] Casual
[x] Keep warm
[x] Fashionable
[x] Blue
[x] Fuzzy Bunnies
[x] White and Gray

Marie is a very impish young girl with very pale skin. She looks very innocent, but she's a master hacker and could destroy you with a few commands spoken into her skintenna. Luckily, she's part of the Sechuna, and she uses her powers for good (and to illegally get the latest copies of Intergalactic Teen Magazine).

Picture references:
[x] Reference
[x] Ice cream
[x] Chibi doodle
[x] Laptop

Outfit ideas:
[x] Fascinating skirt
[x] Time to play
[x] Faux Fox
[x] I don't feel like fancy dress
[x] Cowl
[x] Coattails