Nadim lives in a future world where humankind has ventured into space. Children are mostly conceived in test tubes; the very rich can even influence certain traits they want their offspring to have. One trait that always ends in termination: homosexuality. On most of Earth and in many colonies, homosexuality is forbidden. People with the gene are discriminated against and sometimes even sent to prison or work colonies.

Nadim is one of the children not born via a testtube. His family's biggest secret is that their youngest son carries the Gene. Nadim is sent to the Reprogrammers, a cult that insists they can 'fix' children with the gene. When even the Reprogrammers send him back, Nadim faces a choice: be cast out, or try and join the Manguanacs.

Hundreds of years after humans have ventured into space, the Manguanacs are their best protectors. Every five years, the Manguanac Colony Station opens its doors to the public, to refill their ranks. Every new Recruit sheds their family name and leaves their past life behind. For their first ten years, they are given a Teacher to guide them.

Only boys between 13 and 18 are accepted into the ranks. Thousands of people arrive to offer their sons for recruitment or try to get recruited themselves. Some talk for hours and get turned down, some say but a few words and are accepted. Nobody knows what the Manguanacs are looking for. What nobody in the outside world knows is that they all carry the Gene.

Just like Nadim.


Picture references:
[x] Ref sheet
[x] Turn around
[x] Giant penguin plush
[x] Purple Planet
[x] Kissing
[x] Hugs
[x] Eh?
[x] Comfy clothes

[x] Made of felt

[x] Headshot
[x] Pen

Outfit ideas:
[x] Brown shirt
[x] Harem pants are great for spacestations
[x] There's something about the socks
[x] Blue gray day
[x] Fancy red shoes

Other Manguanacs

Sparrow's mother was a rich, spoilt woman who decided she wanted the ultimate accessory: a child. She added freckles to his DNA, but decided otherwise her genes were so amazing that he would be fine. When she got bored with him, she had another child, fully customised to her preferences. Yuki-Wa, Sparrow's sister, is now an intergalactic pop-sensation known for her naturally pink hair and dazzling voice. Sparrow himself learnt early on how to keep out of his mother's way and joined the Manguanacs the day he turned thirteen.

Picture references:
[x] Sparrow
[x] With siberian fox
[x] Burnt Orange
[x] Tiny Sparrows
[x] Hello fox

[x] Dream Selfy samples

[x] Cheer up and have a hot chocolate

Outfit ideas:
[x] Sleeveless
[x] Baggy sweater
[x] Bed time

belongs to Fantaadam
Ivan is a shy boy training to be a cook at the Manguanac station. He joined the Manguanacs, but is terrified of serving as a soldier. He's deeply in love with his Teacher, Adam.

Picture references:
[x] Girly Ivan
[x] Ivan and Adam.
[x] Snuggles

Niles' parents spent a lot of money to 'improve' their son. After all his manipulated genes, Niles is a little genius. He has an apitude in maths, exact sciences and music and has an incredibly high IQ. His parents didn't alter his physical appearance, though, and Niles is a bit touchy about his large front teeth. Niles came to the Manguanacs after testing his blood himself and finding out he has the Gene. Niles is a bit of a nerd and hates getting into trouble, but deep down he's just as devious and sneaky as Sparrow and Gaston.

Picture references:
[x] Niles
[x] With his boyfriend
[x] Niles and his teacher, Sam

[x] Sketch

Gaston is a bit hyper and disorganised, but very clever. He likes hacking things and generally getting into trouble with Sparrow. His teacher Ike is one of the youngest teachers in the history of the Manguanacs. Gaston is dating Niles, who doesn't mind his terrible fashion sense at all.

Picture references:
[x] With his boyfriend

Cillian is a rather lonely boy. He's a Level 2 Recruit who just got his own quarters. He's so gorgeous that all the other Manguanacs adore him... from afar. He's too shy to try and talk to them himself, so he spends a lot of time with his Teacher Aldic and his Teacher's partner, Mick. One day, he decides to cut off his long, angelic hair and get dreads, out of spite to everyone who swooned over his hair.

Picture references:
[x] Hair problem
[x] Derpy smile

Outfit ideas:
[x] Green and Blue


Mick is one of the mechanics. He has lots of tattoos and is not adverse to taking his shirt off when working. Most of the recruits have had some sort of crush on Mick at one time or another.

Picture references:
[x] Good morning, Mick
[x] Tattoo ref