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Pocky's Little Thoughts
This Journal will contain quotes, poems, short or maybe long stories, and little thought entries. I'll make this a diary if I find it suitable. x3
My Little Temper (Rant/Ramble)
I don't know why but I'm going to rant on my temper. I noticed my journals have a lot of views and it always make me so curious why. Am I really that interesting? o __ o Ah, oh well... About my temper.

I'm starting to find my temper on the rise again after I try so hard to keep it leveled. I had came to a place where I would be patient, I would stay calm, and I would keep myself saying things that I don't exactly mean but I've gone way off. Maybe because I try so hard to be understanding and kind so when someone hurts my feelings, my heart just releases all this anger and tension.

At first, I thought it was because I stopped releasing my anger in which I use to do by just writing whether it be a story, poem, or just nonsense but that hasn't crossed my mind. Talking to my best friend works most of the time, but I don't want to pile all my troubles on him all the time. Video games are the worse way to release anger, especially when you lose because I know I want to flip something over or curse someone out after that. Then reading doesn't seem to help nor does watching something because for some reason my problem will pop up in that book, show, or movie and it makes me even more frustrated because I wanted to take my mind off it. I dunno, I'm jinxed like that sometimes.

So I decided I need to find another way to relieve my anger or my stress, whatever. I'm not sure what it is but I'll have you know if I just snap its because I haven't taken the time to step back, let out a breath, and count to ten. That doesn't help all the time but its what's I got for now and I hate when people keep pressing on me because that makes me angrier and my words nastier. Nastier? Well, that doesn't sound right... Well, meaner... Yeah, I get real mean.

But I think my anger is justifiable most of the time but I have to realize that sometimes its best not to react but to just step away but its hard to when that person is on your tail. Well, I can't really say much more I can ramble on about but I feel a bit better now that I wrote all this.

Ja Ne

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