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Pocky's Little Thoughts
This Journal will contain quotes, poems, short or maybe long stories, and little thought entries. I'll make this a diary if I find it suitable. x3
The Past Should Stay Dead!!
Its summer and I know all you guys and gals might be facing that summer fling or whatever you youngin's call it. Since I turned twenty I don't even feel young anymore, I feel kinda old. God damn, its hitting me hard. . ___ .

Anyway, I just want you guys to remember that your past is your past. Don't let it ruin your future! You have to know, keep in mind, melt and ease in your grey matter ( brains) that some people are not meant to stay in your lives.

There are going to be people who are short-term friends, short-term boyfriends, short-term... Uh, hm... I think that's about it. Not everyone you love, adore, cherish, admire, want to hump, masturbate to- I'm going into a rant and not even a good one, it was getting weird...

Anyway, not everyone you want to be in your life is always going to be there. Even though the thought is nice, reality isn't so nice. Some people don't have that ability to endure in a friendship or a relationship. The reason why I'm talking about this is because of my own experiences and some friends of mine who are having heart attacks about friendships breaking, relationships, and such.

Some people are meant to be in your life and isn't that whole destiny or fate thing. Its because they don't have that ability to have a need, want to be, and know how to be in your life. Some people just don't either have the patience, consideration, or love for you in order for them to stay and you know what? You have to suck it up and deal with it. Yeah, I know its difficult but its even more difficult to keep dragging yourself and wondering what if things went differently or maybe I should give that person another chance.

Most likely thing is by giving that person another flucking chance is that it might help or not help what made you guys fall apart anyway. Yeah, some people pull through and others don't and you don't even have to take my word for it. But if you know someone who is going to ******** up, hurt your feelings, or mess around with your head again then you shouldn't let them back in or if you do, you softie you, then make sure they have completely changed or REALLY owned up for their shittyness. ( or is it shitiness... Meh! WGAF? AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT? BWAH...)

And so, I leave you all with this entry.
Whatever, but I hope it helps some.

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