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life is wonderful...most of the time
His hand burnt into her throat. Nails like talons sliced into the silk of her skin, and he can't help but smile laughing in nervous glee at the blood painting her red. He grinned at her. His teeth pointed, but not as pointed as the slits of pure black that his eyes had become. A depth unreachable by emotion or even soul, he let himself become the fallen.
"Look at you" he spat, insane laughter threatening to break free from his throat. "You pathetic excuse for an angel you are no more pure than I am." He tightened his hold on her, enjoying the view of her squirming beneath him. He wanted her to dig into the black behind that burning halo of hers. He wanted her to FEEL what he felt. He wanted her to fall as he had.
"Imagine it" he growled the smile never leaving his face as he pushed her harder into the ground, the earth cracking like thunder beneath her small frame. "You're standing in front of those pearly white gates. There is no pain, no guilt, no sense of loss. You feel complete, and hope like never before. You FEEL." At this his voice cracked and he strangeled her the feel of her windpipes bending under his fingers. Her strangled coughs feeding his anger. "And then you're falling. You have nothing to catch you. You feel fear, unlike anything you have faced. Your stomach is left behind in that white place that burns your eyes to the point you become blind and shrowded in shadow." At this he laughed in almost panic but he had never felt more alive then he did now. As he watched the light in her eyes wavering. Faulting. He let go of her slowly. "You're falling...you feel death,,his iced bones gripping your skin...you feel ripped apart, cheated from your chance at perfection...." At this he paused and he felt himself become numb. Empty and hallow.
"And you are nothing" he tossed her to the side watching her roll over like a rag doll. "And you have no hope for redemption,"

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