gaia_angelleft CONDITIONS FOR ART COMMISSIONS gaia_angelright

gaia_star RL Commissions are given priorities
gaia_star I have the right to refuse you if I think I'm incapable of doing/finishing your character.
gaia_star In normal circumstances, TRADES should be sent first before I start with your request. If you do not trust me, My credibility is at stake here. That'll probably make you think twice.
gaia_star In unexpected circumstances, I ask you to wait for my signal 'til you send trades. I'm probably working on something before your request.
gaia_star Most likely, I'd be able to finish your character in 2-4 days. ( I have housework and breaks too you know xd )
gaia_star You can request me to show you a WIP of the request. If you like it, I'll start doing lineart. BUT YOU CANNOT MAKE ANY MORE CHANGES AFTER YOU APPROVED THE SKETCH You'll have to deal with the one already made if you fail to tell me sooner what changes you wanted.

gaia_nitemareleft ARTS I WILL NOT DO gaia_nitemareright

gaia_spoons Heavy Armors ( in other words, complicated ARMORED characters. )
gaia_spoons Very Crowded Avatars
gaia_spoons Complicated Weapons
gaia_spoons Mature Contents
gaia_spoons Groups