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Wandering in the Breeze: a Travelogue
Compiled Wandergust Data
To start with, for those who aren't already aware of this or even know about my moderate interest in MLP, I've more or less turned my "default" appearance here on Gaia into a mare-looking OC/Ponysona stallion named Wandergust.

Here's an image of my "default" outfit, in reference to that... though really there's just a couple things that came from it -- namely the hairstyle, the general expression, and the scarf. ^^;

User Image

The following section is mainly information for commissions and possible freebie art --

Name: Wandergust (a word-play blending of "wanderlust" and another word for wind or a strong breeze)
Concept: Mare-looking stallion, alicorn (but with barely any magical ability, due to the broken horn)

Basic line-art reference by me (though obviously I made the mane and tail too dark. ^^; ):
User Image

Color art reference, courtesy of Nocturneous:
User Image

Mane/Body color references:
Coat: ▅ ▅▅▅▅ : Teal
Eyes: ▅ ▅▅▅▅ : SkyBlue
Mane and tail: ▅ ▅▅▅▅ : DarkKhaki, with streaks of a darker shade of khaki or a sandy color (one note about the mane, though, which is in addition to the hairstyle on the top of his head, there's also a ponytail draped over one shoulder, kind of like how Applejack's is… though in the case of Wandergust, there's a thin forest-green ribbon in a bow to hold it in place. But just for the mane; the tail is unbound.)

"Legacy Mark" [which is the term I use in place of "Cutie", because it applies more to the meaning behind them] reference: While I do have a reference image as to the concept of it, it seems to be copyrighted. So, while the concept is something befitting the phrase of "a leaf on the wind", it'd probably be best not to copy this image too closely... like only one leaf, no text... and of course, no Firefly-class starship. ^^;; (Although I do admit that I'm a fan of Firefly / Serenity as well. ^^ )


Other than that, the only other detail I should mention is about the horn, which is broken off at about the halfway point. I also tend to picture in my head that what's left of the horn ends in two points, one a little shorter than the other.

All right, I think that covers everything. If there are any more questions, feel free to ask... and if this would be of any interest, I do have a number of songs that I've come to associate with this OC/Ponysona... songs that I personally have loved for quite a while for many other reasons, but lately I can also connect with Wandergust in one way or another. ^^

Fair warning, though: they're all instrumentals, most of which come from favorite J-RPGs.

Wild Arms 3 - "Long Days of Rest":

"Long Days of Rest" (SOLaharl Acoustic Guitar cover):

Night Breeze - "Afternoon at Sweet Apple Acres" (because, yes, I kind of ship AJ/Wandergust, and have a half-written screenplay in my head about it.) :

Seiken Densetsu 3 - "Harvest November" (Eru's "Essense ~ Music of Mana" arrangement):

Terranigma - "Underworld":

Final Fantasy X-2: "Crest of the Wind ~ The Three Trails":

Lunar: Eternal Blue - "Field to Tomorrow":

Wild Arms 5 - "Understanding the Vastness of the World, and Still…":

Terranigma - "Overworld":

Final Fantasy VIII - "Blue Fields":

Breath of Fire III - "Country Living":

Breath of Fire III - "To A Distant Place (Overworld Theme 2)":

Secret of Mana - "Into the Thick of It":

Wild Arms 5 - "A Vast Plain, Under That Sky":

Kino no Tabi / Kino's Journey - "He is Speed and I am Balance":

And lastly... a song that, when the drum track starts, evokes a rather specific scene in my head (that became the background of Nocturneous' portrait): one of Wandergust galloping in slow motion along a beach that looks bright enough to be daytime, though the sky above is a clear night.

(I've also got to admit that, after her redemption came full circle, and with the possible idea of her returning to Equestria, the thought of Sunset Shimmer/Wandergust has gained some traction in my head. So there's some applicability with the song there too.)

Hilary Stagg - "Sunlight Returns":

(Bonus tracks, possibly for appearances of and/or conversations with Luna) --

Hilary Stagg - "Dream Spiral" (which sounds like a very poetic name for the moon, doesn't it?): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDffX_4Vlto

Suzanne Ciani - "Life in the Moonlight" (album version):

An equally-beautiful live version of the same song:

That about does it for the playlist. Hope people like the music! ^^

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