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Kadence's Journal
My pointless peice of crap...
whee heart
This is a rap from Music's little brother Crimson!!
It's for the Charity we all sold our souls to!!
heart heart heart

"Yo I'm on Gaia and I love to chat,
My sumo suit makes me look really fat
Music is Life, and that's all good,
But MacDougal is truly from the hood
My only friend is Kadence nine nine nine,
It's just too bad that I'm never online
My grilled cheese maker is my best friend,
I don't know Shao, but I like to pretend
I know this rap is wack, and soon it will be over,
I'm still petitioning, for a four leaf clover
Flounderbuddie is nice to everyone,
He uses love as a weapon, instead of a gun
NAILBUNNEY, is he a boy or a girl?
Just looking at his avatar, it makes me wanna hurl
Doc_Brown is crazy with his butterfly gun,
Sending butterflies in trades to everyone
Pirate Cadaver's like the ruler of the place,
And if you make him mad, he'll probably shoot you in the face
Vante is mysterious, probably wants you to die,
But if you're in the dark, you'd probably pass him by
He's a big blob, all dressed in black,
He was bribed to wear an apron, but he said that it was wack
Havoc in the Hospice likes MSI,
Bitches love him, and so do I
He rides his Barbie bike, with little pink streamers,
And Pirate takes his coffee with 27 creamers
If you bump just once, Tricky will foam at the mouth,
Better just pack up your bags and head for the South
Afuntime hasn't come much, ever since Pirate kissed him,
But I think that's alright, cuz nobody missed him
Jordon's awesome, a gangster at heart,
I'd tell you more about him, but I don't know where to start
Cadbury started it all, and left us for Ani,
Now he hangs out with losers and fairies like Danny
+1 street cred if you're friends with Niratu,
Play him in Dungeons & Dragons, he'll probably pwn you
Niratu's hardcore, and he's in the navy,
But don't sing the song, or Music'll go crazy
Pants King was a fun-loving Quaker Oats guy,
But now he is grounded and every day I cry
Tamako_The_Griffin, Music's lesbian lover,
I'm kind of worried, cuz I'm her little brother
Zephy talks to pancakes, I guess that's kinda cool,
But I think he needs to go to a correctional school
.Night.Demon. is weird, thinks penguins are the best,
He goes crazy over Music, thinks she's better than the rest
I think my story's over, I guess it turned out good,
Cuz that's how I roll son, I'm from the ********' hood"

--xX The Crimson Ghost Xx

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon May 21, 2007 @ 01:10am

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