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Ze Journal
Where I'll post some news every once in a while
The last days were quite exciting for me, all for the wrong reasons.

All because I reactly pretty badly at a certain comment in the Salty thread Runway.
Emotional issues + a few doses of paranoia can lead someone to act weirdly and out of control.

The TL;DR version is here - untitled

And since the beginning I had this coming to me. My issues have nothing to do with this site or any other social network. Honestly, as to quote a certain forum thread:

➳Leave your offline issues at the door. This place is for fun. It's fine to talk about your life, but if all you can contribute is complaints about your life, we'd rather you do it elsewhere.
➳This is a freebie thread. The artists here are taking time away from their lives to provide the community with free art. Artists have no obligation to you. None, in any sense. Do not beg, harass, badger, throw sob stories at, plead with, shame the art of or in any way attempt to coerce an artist into drawing you. Artist disrespect will not be tolerated.

Source: The Dark Side of Gaia

Next time I ever think on doing stupid crap like this, I'll think one million times before I do so it's gonna save trouble for everyone. And oh, take responsablity for my own life someday.

Thankfully, it ended well, at least - untitled 2

And no, I'm not gonna run away from the Runway or from the Internet for that matter.
I won't run away from my problems and my issues. Not when I'm so far away from where I started. Either I face'em off or nothing will change at all "in my damn life".
It's quite an inconvenient situation, and I wish I could be already "healed" emotionally by now and live a "normal" life like those you see on TV advertisements.

But it's not a battle I should fight on my own anymore. So I look forward to the day I'll finally go to therapy.
Besides, I'm between friends, and like the rules I posted said, leave your ******** offline issues at the ******** door. Forget about them for at least a moment and go have some fun.

...********, who I am lying to ? I need love and a ******** hug right now. But I also need to learn to love myself too, so...IDK.

Have a nice week, folks.

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