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boardom, my most common weekness
The Anti's beggining

The story's begining

Shadow Santino was born in southern Italy, and was an only child in a poor family of 3. His parents where very hard working, and very loving.

At age five Shadow's dad become very sick, and started to have heart problems. While he was on his death bed he gave Shadow an old treanch coat he had from his father before he passed away. Shadow's dad told him, that he had gotton it when he was going to the orphange. And that, it was going to be his home no matter what. His protection, his pride, his memories....

And Shadow's fater wanted Shadow, to use the coat like he did, if anything would ever happen to Shadow.

We'll time flew by, later that year, while Shadow was running arins for his mother, his house was robbed, torn apart, and his mother was killed.

Shadow did what he could to save family photos and other family valubles when he got back, he kept falling into tears. And being only 7 years olds at the time, Shadow was immediantly sent to an orphange...with only his trench coat as his posestion.........

And within some strange, odd, yet mess of fate, he was sent to one in the middle of texas.

He was adopted by a family of 3, just like his own back in Italy. A father, mother, and son who turned to hate Shadow instantly.

His name was Skylark, but went everywhere by Sky. And when I say he he hated Shadow, that's a total under statment. Sky absolutley loathed Shadow, with everything he had. Even at such a young age, of 7, which was now a year younger than Shadow.

We’ll, when Shadow moved in with them, he was very calm and collective. He always obeyed, he always did his work, and to his new parents he seemed almost perfect. On the other hand, being as small as Sky was, he truly hated Shadow. And it was more than jealousy, he hated everything about him. As they grew up, they grew father apart. Sky was constantly mean to Shadow, and he was always trying to make Shadow look like the bad guy. It got so bad; Sky went to consoling in 5th grade. Shadow still grew, getting great grades, everyone loved him, and he was very athletic.
By the end of 7th grade Sky was sick of Shadow and attacked him. The boys got into a huge fight, and their parents couldn’t stop them. Shadow was able to get the fight outside, but that didn’t slow them down. It got so bad, there parents had to call the cops. So the cops came and where able to restrain Sky from attacking Shadow. And Shadow just stood in the back crying with his head down. He hated the fact his brother acted like this, and how Skylark always made matters worse for himself. The police talked to Sky’s parents about sending him to boot camp for a year or two. His parents weren’t ones to resist. Shadow looked over at the police car Sky was sitting in and his fist shook at his sides. “NO!!” Shadow yelled.
Everyone looked at him. “Sky’s not going anywhere.”
Everyone stilled starred at Shadow wondering what was going on. He walked over and grabbed an old, ripped up, trench coat he got from his father in Italy before he died. His back was facing them, and he was facing a trail that went strait on North. He swung the coat over his left shoulder and started to walk, and then he stopped and said. “Good bye.”

He started to walk off and after a few seconds everyone started to go after him, so he started to run. But when everyone was chasing Shadow, Sky was able to get himself out of the police car and he headed the opposite direction of Shadow, south…

Shadow, being raised to be respectable, kind, and hard working, had a very easy time getting a job.....in southern Calarado that it.

He was now in high school, had a awsome sports car, that he tweeked out.
But the thing is, how he was able to get into high school, with living on the streets, no family, and no one knew anything about him.

Somehow, Shadow was able to make a deal with the school, that if he took over most of the janitorial after school hours, he was able to stay. We'll months went by slow for Shadow, and he strated to get interested in this, illegal fighting stuff.

These illegial fights where often heard about in the news. They where about illegeal groups that would have yearly competitions every year, all year around. They're where huge under ground corparations that would promote them, and trian people.

The prize of winning this competition? Glory, money, and pretty much doing whatever you wanted. After all, you proved you where the best in the world.

We'll things didn't seem like they where changing for Shadow, at school he was the smart guy who was more amzing in gym than anyone else. And almost never said any word at all. A yes, and he always whore his father trench coat, but not it didn't have any sleve, and the collar looked funny. But soon that, that very much did change.... except for the look of the trench coat that is sweatdrop

Out of no where, a girl with long, alittle wavy blonde hair came. She had pretty blue eyes, and was alittle quiet, but seemed to like people and was very friendly.

Her name was El'mia Le'Flesha, and although neither Shadow nor El'mia knew it then, but they would soon change history forever......

El'mia was put doing the same job as Shadow, this ment more free time for Shadow, and he didn't have to work at the school so much, but more at a real job.

But because Shadow never spoke, and even though El'mia was friendly, she didn't know what to expect if she where to try and strick up a conversastion.

So El'mia put a note in the janitorial room before Shadow got there. It' simply said "Hi! -El'mia" with alittle smily face.

Shadow was alittle suprised at first, especially because it had fallen right infront of him for the top of the door. He smiled at it, and wrote back with "Hey, wat's up?" and his own little smily face. Before these two new it, they where writing back and forth, yet never talked in person. Although when they ran into each other, sometimes they would almost break into laughter from some of there conversastions.

The first time they actully talked, was when a jock was presuring El'mia in the hall way infront of alot of people. He started to call her names for fun, but mia didn't like it that much. Shadow stood around the corner watching what was going on. After a while of telling this jock to shut up, El'mia finaly knocked him squre in the face breaking his nose. more and more people crowded and the jock came back to take a swing at her but out of know where Shadow cought his arm, and very, very slowly started to twist it and he started to talk.

"I don't think, Miss El'mia likes you picking on her. And I'm sure you don't want to get slugged by a girl agian, now do you?" Shadow said calmly with a smile on his face.

People where shocked by Shadow's reaction. And the jock came with his other arm angerialy, "You bi--" but before he could use that, word of desgust as Shadow might put it, Shadow kicked him with his right leg and sent him flying agiantst the lockers. bothe cheers went up and anger.

"Get'em!" another one of the jocks yelled. Shadow grabbed El'mia's hand, and started to pull her along, "Come on!" he yelled.

Shadow and El'mia where able to get away, and left school, alittle early that day to avoid any other trouble. 3nodding

It was that night El'mia and Shadow had a good talk, about each other's past, the future, and this illegial fighting thing. Turns out a week later, they finally decided they would bother together start one of the gratest teams ever.

The Anti

a team that would years later have 5 members
two of which where under the age 14
one 36
the other 3 in early 20's

win 7 years in a row

and become some of the most famous people in history
for totaly changing the world

now, who wants to hear more?

all characters and story or the anti is copyrighted by misaokat
and will someday be made into a full langth manga

The main characters
Shadow Santino:
User Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image

El'mia Le'Flesha (aka Artic, yes Artic, not Arctic)
User Image
User Image
User Image

Rapheal Thorpe:
User Image

Marcus: no pik avalible...sry sweatdrop

Keiri Santin: (Shadow's couson) plz note, this is a picture of when she's older in the story...
User Image

Tye Bridger:
User Image

What's the point of this story?

We'll, perserverance is a big one. Having faith when other have none.
Like in one point in the story, everyone thinks Shadow is dead, and it literally tears El'mia apart.
I based it on everyday problems, so people can relate to stuff. I wanted this story to feel real, no chakra, magical creature, but pure hard work, hate, love, and yes, even hoplessness.

And that, even if people seem anti to you, sometimes, they are the ones who will come and save you. They are the ones who see the truth that you can't because eithier your blinded to it, refuse to except it, or...your just a spoild p***k like that.

I originally had the Anti as a side group to a story about a girl (Elisa Brian) whose mom is kid napped while on a business trip with her in Japan. Elisa is hooked up with her old friend, his little siter and aunt, and his aunt's friend. And in order to get Elisa'a mother back, they have to make an illegal fighting group. And later, even though they only hear bad things about "The Anti" they end up becoming friends, and "The Anti" helps the out...ALOT..... ninja

dedicated to.....ha! my friends of corse!!! anyone who said Shadow Santino looks cool, or beautiful (i was kind'a scared when i heard that..from a guy...)

And to all of gaia!!!! mrgreen ur where here when i started "The Anti" and yes, even if it's 15 years from now, I'll still be here when i end it

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commentCommented on: Tue Dec 12, 2006 @ 10:35pm

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I'll be back tommarow, with my......

POKE YOU NO JUTSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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commentCommented on: Wed Dec 13, 2006 @ 02:28am

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You're very creative, Misao. I'm impressed with the storyline. =3

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commentCommented on: Mon Dec 18, 2006 @ 11:43pm
u have ALOT of charactors

51... geese

commentCommented on: Wed Dec 20, 2006 @ 03:19am
gold gold

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commentCommented on: Mon Jan 01, 2007 @ 12:41am
says zafo

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commentCommented on: Sun Mar 04, 2007 @ 06:05am
i love the story and the pics i live that whole thing

Inuzuka Lil D
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commentCommented on: Thu Mar 08, 2007 @ 11:12pm


on one of my most favoritist of my stories that i created in 7th grade!

maybeh... I am a prodigy *starry eyes*


stressed stressed stressed stressed

commentCommented on: Tue Apr 10, 2007 @ 12:31am

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