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Bakura Amane's Annotations This journal will be a compliation of many things that I would like to share with others. They will consist of (but are not limited to) my role-play life, future fanfiction ideas I have, dreams I had the night before, & anything else on my mind.

Bakura Amane
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The Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of God is the greatest treasure ever! mrgreen I am not exaggerating here!

God's Kingdom, our heavenly home, is not of this world. We have but to search for it and we will find it. We catch glimpses of it nearly every day, but do we actually recognize it? Most of us probably do not. We walk through life filled with all kinds of "stuff" that is not important. No, it's not important really! Usually the "stuff" we're doing isn't important; it's all trivial in God's eyes. Now don't think I mean that there is nothing that is important. On the contrary, if you are spending time with your family or listening to wholesome music or scripture, etc. on the radio then that's imporant! Most of the time, however, we are on our cell/mobile phones, trying to drive, trying to eat, and possibly cursing out other drivers on the road all at the same time. eek Not to be mean or anything, but ... SHUT UP, PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD, and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR WHO'S ON THE ROAD! Okay, sorry, but some of my biggest pet peeves come from people who are trying to do too much all at once and that's usually in the form of driving and trying to do something else (at least one other task)!

If we just stop doing at least one of those tasks maybe, just maybe mind you, we'll see a glimpse of the Kingdom. Maybe if we stop talking on the cell/mobile phone while driving, we'll talk to someone in person and hear of God's great blessings in the form of a friend. Maybe if we stop eating while we're driving, we'll be able to enjoy the food picked out of love for us from a family member or grown by a child of God who does this for a living. Maybe if we stop cursing at the driver ahead of us, we'll see the homeless person on the side of the road asking for work or money and then we'll offer them some sort of assistance (however small it is).

God also gives us the courage to ask for whatever it is we need. Solomon knew this and when the LORD asked him in a dream what Solomon needed, Solomon knew just what to ask for: wisdom! We too must be courageous to ask the LORD for what we need. We must be careful so as not to become overly greedy, though. So even when the day is done, or so we think, we must still be ready to ask the LORD for anything and be able to give Him a definitive, logical answer.

The LORD has chosen us and we are truly blest. As St. Paul reminds us, God chose us, we are predestined, we are blest, and we are called. We are all these things and more. We are a part of the Kingdom of God!

God bless! heart

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