Dark Magus
Grim Reaper (Black Skeleton)
Icy Mage Karasu
Dark Splendor of Death (Regent's Arms)
Born from Dark Blood (Feathered) Cape)
Dark Deerly Beloved
Flintlock Delinquell (Collar)
Into the Woods (Pants)
Catharsis Lux

Reaper Magus
Mage Karasu (Crows Territory)
Soul Reaper (Black Skeleton)
Catharsis Lucem (Seraphic Vestment)
Breezy Soul (Pants)
Inherent Tenebris
Nephilim's Legacy
Catharsis Lux (Blessed Stole)
Fortunate Shinigami Tensei (Tunic)

Exquisite Crane Warrior (Neck Scarf)
Hermes of the Waning Moon (Hip Armor)
Hanyo's Resolution
Wish Upon the Breezy Fallen (Short Hair) - QUESTING/UNLISTED
My Independensea Day (Scarf)
Wandering Mage Karasu (Crow's Territory)
Checkered Fate (Adventurer's Caution)
Breezy Soul (Yukata)
Calm Ox of Yuera (Ears and Tail)
Catharsis Verdure (Disciple's Radiance) - QUESTING/UNLISTED
Verdant Versaciblings
Jade Benevolent Yang (Tunic)
Fortuitous Yin (Mixed Skin) - QUESTING
Nagashi Tenno (Legs)

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