“Sora…Sora!” hissed a voice that was next to me. I groaned slightly and shifted my head to face a brown haired male around the same age as me.

“What…?” I sounded as if I was drunk.

“Did you hear about the new group of students transferring here?” he asked. I made a small noise acknowledging him and was about to fall back asleep on the desk again.

“Did you get enough sleep?” he asked. I made a small noise again only more irritated.

“You know… I also heard you are suppose to show the new group of kids around the school,” his voice low.

“What?!?” I screamed out, my hands slammed on my desk and chair knocked over as I stood up.

“Why thank you Miss Lee for volunteering to show the new group of students after school.” Mr. Johnson, the history teacher, said and continued on to the lesson.

I slumped back on to the chair that I picked up and glared at Kazuki. He looked apologetically at me.

“I hate you…” I whispered to him trying to keep my anger in. No one really talked to me because of my ‘emotional’ problems. I was probably the only student here that can’t fully control my powers. They said I was probably the only one to have this kind of power, because others tend to be more ‘emotional’ than I was and killed themselves for using that much power, not to mention destroyed anything within a 5 mile radius. But then again I was brought to this school when I was young. My parents thought it was best for me since this school specialized in these types of children. And well here I am.

I drummed my fingers against the desk slightly angered on the turn of events that happened.

“Look, I’ll make it up to you…” he started to say, “I’ll…I’ll even help you with showing the new kids around.”

I glanced at him; Kazuki was my only friend throughout the many years I had been in this school. “Fine…You’re forgiven… for now.”

“Yes!” Kazuki smiled, but soon it faded. “Wait, what? For now?”

I nodded as my fingers stopped drumming against the desk. “Well you don’t know what the new students are like. And I don’t know either. So what if they are a bunch of annoying brats? They really haven’t even seen others that are in the same situation as them. Not to mention what my powers are like.”

Kazuki slumped on to his desk. “Yeah… You’re right.”

I pursed my lips into a thin line and looked out the window. I would listen to Mr. Johnson’s lesson here and there but I really didn’t pay attention. I was pretty sure Kazuki wasn’t paying attention either.

There wasn’t really much to look outside the window. The school was probably in the middle of the forest in some unknown place. I didn’t even remember how I even got to the school since it was so far back. I never asked Kazuki since he really didn’t pay attention to most things as it is. The only reason he was passing these classes was because I gave him my notes that he never copies down!

The lesson continued to drag on, it felt like hours but it was only a few minutes. I jumped a bit when a ruler slammed on to the teacher’s desk. “Miss Lee, if you weren’t showing the new kids around, I would have sent you to the coolers for not paying attention!” Mr. Johnson yelled.

The cooler was just like detention, well I really don’t know what detention is, Kazuki told me stories on how he would get in trouble at his regular school. He explained it was something like a teacher would catch him, he would sit in a certain room till the teacher thought it was a good time to let him out. I warned him that coolers are a little bit different. If you were caught in a fight or when a teacher thought you were misbehaving they would send you to this small packed room that can fit only one person and the student would have to stay there till the teacher thought the student was ‘cooled’ down enough. It may sound nothing but inside the room it was freezing cold! Not to mention you had nothing to do in there but count the icicles that hanged off your nose. I’ve been there a few times actually, but my reasons were slightly difference since I might be a ‘threat’ to the school.

I opened my mouth trying to hoping I can get out of tour guide duty, and just shove that responsibility to Kazuki. I mean Mr. Johnson would have thought it was a good idea as well since he was staring down at him. But the bell rang. If I ever find the person who ever thought of the saying, “saved by the bell”. I’m going to punch the lights out of him.

“Alright class, we’ll pick up the lesson tomorrow,” Mr. Johnson noted us as he began to erase the board. The whole class seemed to groan in unison, packed their things and left for lunch.

I shoved my binder in to my messenger bag, frustrated. Because after lunch I had 2 periods left. Well technically 1 since no one can teach me to use my posers so it was a free period for me. (8th period is when all the students are grouped together by their powers and taught by teachers who have that similar power. Meaning the students can learn how to control their powers better) And since I have a free period that only meant meeting the students earlier, I think Mr. Johnson planned the whole thing.

“Sora, can I have your math homework?” Kazuki asked interrupting my thoughts. We stood alone in the empty history room. It was Mr. Johnson’s lunch period as well.

“Why…?” I replied, mentally kicking myself for even asking for an answer for that idiotic question.

“…Because I didn’t do it…?”

My eye twitched slightly as I stared at the idiot in front of me. “Okay… First off, you’re in Algebra, I’m in trigonometry… DON’T YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE?” I nearly screamed.

Kazuki blinked as gusts of wind rustled his hair. “No…?”

I took a deep breath trying to keep my cool. “I feel as if I’m talking to a rock…”


“Just shut up… and go to lunch…”



Kazuki ran out of the room as if his life depended on it. But it wasn’t because he was afraid of me; it was because my powers knocked all the desks and chairs over. He just didn’t want to pick them up. Groaning, I started to clean up the mess I made.

Minutes after, the room was back to normal, and I was tired and hungry. I knew the period was probably going to end soon, so I headed off to my next class. Searching my bag, I had remembered shoving a bag of chips this morning.

Fumbling through my book bag, I heard someone call my name. I stopped and turned around to see one of the teachers. She had papers in her hands and her hair was all over the place, she seemed dissolved.

“Um…yes…?” I asked, placing the messenger back to my side.

“You’re going to show the new kids around, right?” she asked. I could tell she was exhausted from all the huffing and puffing. I nodded in response and she shoved the papers to me. I stared at her confusingly as she continued, “these are the files of the new kids.”

I skimmed through the files and noticed I needed to help 3 kids. It wasn’t so bad right?

There were pictures of each student clipped onto the files. Two of them were female and the other was a male. One of the females had really pale skin like snow, and pale-ish blue eyes. Her hair matched her features, pale blond that lightly touched her face. I could tell from the picture that she was slightly afraid of going to the new school.

The other female had mostly the left side of her bangs white. Black sunglasses rested on top of her head as she crossed her arms over her chest. I can tell from her yellow eyes that she rather be somewhere else than here. Her tanned skin made her eyes even brighter.

I looked at the male’s picture last. I noted that his eyes were red, but his expression was hard to read. He had black spiky hair with red highlights here and there.

“You’ll meet them outside after your 7th period class and show them around the school. Oh and tell them that the forest is out of boundaries,” the teacher said sternly. Nodding my head as if I was paying attention, I shoved the files into my bag. She was about to say something else but the bell rang. ‘You win this time mystery quote guy,’ I thought walking away from her.