WARNING!!!!!!!: the following content is higher the pg13 if u belive u may be offended by this or fell compelled to report it please do not read it the reason i have included this in my jurnal is because it is very much a part of the real red leather lemment from which this is based upon and leaving it out would be a gross violation of all the blood poured into that book by me and my partners in crime whos names will not be disclosed nad the reason for which i dont block the veiwing of it is because i find it stupid to publicly display a journal tht the public is not alowed to read however should u be ok with reading further and open to my wishes feel free to read on.

authors note

this story is intermition 1 of this story and is accually a less detailed writen form of a dream i had all defineing characteristics of the involved people and there names have been left out along with some senery as to protect the identity of those involed also i would like to add tht if u know who this is about dont try blackmailing me because both partys already hav read and aproved of this story and the only nigotiation i have with those tht try will be done by a large metal spike driven into there forehead. now with no further adoo the story.

we sat together on her rather small bed inside her room. the room was clean and lit only by the glow of the moon outside her window. I sit at the foot of the bedcross-leged and her at the head legs spread.she shoots me an inqisitive glance as I lean forward and grab her by the lower thighs,gently yet swiftly i pull her onto my lap. in a moment she catches on as she slowly unzips the hoodie she's wearing to reveal a redish violet shirt corresponding with faded black sweat pants.she leans in and gives me a small kiss on the lips, her breath warm ageinst my cheeks. I lean into kiss her back but she stops me with a thin finger on my lips. with a deviant smile she situates herself, removing her shirt to reaveal a jet-black bra odviously a size or two small. her beautyful curves accented by the glow of the moon, giving her an almost angelic look. gently she pulls my lips to hers. I am paralized, as I embrace her seconds seem to go by as hours. I regain the use of my hands and casually unfasten her tight black bra. she notices what I'm doing, removing her arms from around my neck she takes my hands and places them over her now uncovered bussom. we kiss again, I feel her warm toungue slide between my lips. she lays back as I quickly remove my shirt and jeans, her radiant skin glowing in the moonlight. she spreds her legs as i slowly remove the faded sweats, and giggles slightly as I run my hands up her freshly shaven legs to a pair of cherry red panties with the head of a black cat printed on the front. as I remove them I gently run my hand over her feeling the small amount of short hairs serounding the edge of her entrance. now fully unclothed, she radiates an almost godly beauty in the dull light. as she spreds her legs she shivers involitarly to the chill of the room. as I lay down over her she wraps her arms around my chest after first placing my left hand over her breast. I slide my other arm under the small of her back, she shoots me the same deviant glaire as she kisses my lips again. she lets out a small moan as i penatrait her, "faster..."she wispers as i pull out the third time. speeding my tempo I feel her getting wet. her thighs involitarly clinching after each entrance, I stop only long enough to slide her further down the bed and wrap her ancles around the bed posts. cold palms flat ageinst my back, she manages to shout "faster..." between her moans of exctasy. my speed now outmatched only by her heartbeat, I hear her moans get louder. the tiny bed creecking under the strain, I can tell shes getting closer to her moment but I can feel her fighting for more time. wishing to give her what she wants I slow my tempo by a beat, but she catches my move and corrects it speeding me back up. her knees lock and I can feel her nails digging into my back,the adrenaline rush numbing my body to the pain, she begains to assend. "oh, oh god"she cries out between pregressively louder moans, "mmm, oh yes... oh yes!" she sceams as she climaxes. slowly the moans die down and I pull out. "thank you." she says with a breathless smile as she drifts of to sleep. quietly I get out of bed and and walk around to the other side and into her bathroom. I run my hands under the cold tap as I examine the three round spots she left on my chest. I smile at my reflection then turn out the light, stoping in the doorway to admire her. her naked body looking beautyful yet so fragile in the glow. creeping back I crawl into the small bed next to her. as i pull up the blankets she shivers and I wrap my arm around her. unknowingly she takes my hand and slides it up,gently ceressing her breasts I pull her close to me as I drift of into dreams.