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The End is Only The Beginning
Story every thing will be spely roung to forworn you
Chapter 1 Emotions

"4 years later"
I ran into the room and jumped on moonlights bed then stared at him till hes eyes open. Moonlight is like my older brother but were not really related one bit. He looked at me but like most people around here he didn't have a facial expression.
"Tess what are you doing?"
he sounded disturbed. I leaned trowed him and tried to fined some type of expression in his face. I searched and searched i found nothing.
"Nothing just waking you up!"
At that time Shinell walked into the room. You could only imagine what she was think when she saw me over moonlight, mainly because i only had a shirt on. I was still in my P-jays because i had just woke up to.
Moonlight saw how her face looked and shot up.
"Shinell its not like that see..." Be for he could finish saying anything else walked over and sat on the bed next to us. She glared at me and pushed me off.
"You sleeped in, i was just coming up to wake you." She smiled at moonlight and he smiled back. I sat up and looked at them.
"I had that covered thank you very much" Shinell gave me and evil stair so i returned it. We always been like this seance my first day moving in with them. See Shinell is my little sister, I'm one years older than her. Moonlight as you know is my Big brother by a half of a year. All of us were adopted so we aren't really related. Shenell was the first here then moonlight last was me. Our step dad is Neo and our step mom is Esperanza. They are both really nice. Moonlight sat up and pushed his way through us. Now he gave us an evil look.
"I got an idea lets get out of my room!' both me and Shinell looked at him then back at each other
"Fine" we answered in unison.
After we were both gone Moonlight went to the bathroom. He stopped in front of the mirror and said. He new this would be a long day. He got undressed and got into the shower. Down stairs i was looking for my flip flops i got at the mall Friday.
"Shinell do you know were my new flips flops are?" she looked at me then started to think.
"The black ones with the flowers on them?" i said after i remembered what they looked like. I stared back at her and smiled, hoping she would know were they were.
"Yea!" Shineall answered "They are in the living room by the sofa." she looked back down and finished packing the towels for the peach party.
I walked into the living room to find my flip flop, they were exactly where Shinelle said they were. I put them on and walked back to Shinelle. Moonlight walked down the stair texting someone.
" Mike just sent me a message, do you want to go over there for brunch?"
Shinelle said" sure that would be nice, we have to follow him to Tess's sweet 16 party."
I frowned and looked at Moonlight then I looked at Shinelle and smiled.
" sure why not." i agreed
Moonlight got the door and the bags. Me and Shinelle went to the car. Shinelle got in the front seat and I got in the back. Moonlight popped the trunk and put our bags in. Then got in the drivers seat and started the car. Moonlight looked at Shinelle and looked at me. He frowned and said,
" Shinelle why don't you like Tess sit in the front, you know she doesn't like the back seat."
I looked up at Moonlight then looked back up at Shinelle and frowned.
" I'm fine no need to be a seat hog, we're just going down the street."
Moonlight said, "ok" the drove off.
Shinelle frowned, she knew something was up with Me. I never passed up a opportunity for shotgun. The car was to quiet so Shinelle started a conversation.
" So what did everyone do last night? I was at Jacobs." she said said,
" I just watched scary movies all night." Shinelle looked at Moonlight and frowned. Then she looked at Tess and said,
" What did you do?"
Tess looked up surprised, " I don't remember what I did."
Shinelle answered back in a disturbing voice, " How can you not remember what you did last night?"
Moonlight pulled the car up into Mike's driveway. Shinelle looked around and noticed another car sitting in the driveway. She shrugged her shoulders and said,
" why is Jasper and Alice here?"
Tess explained," Well they have to follow us to my party, they don't know where the beach is.
" It's kinda hard not to know where the only beach is here."
Moonlight turned the car off and looked and Shinelle.
"Shinelle behave, "Moonlight said in an angry voice.
Shinelle got out the car and said it's not me that you should worry about. Moonlight popped the trunk and I got the bags. I gave Shinelle hers, Moonlight his and kept mine. Mike was already standing at the door waiting for us. Moonlight came up and shook his hand.
"What up mike, How you been," Moonlight said.
"Great how have you guys been haven't seen you in a while," Mike said.
Shinelle walked in and put her stuff on the couch. She stared around to see what the house looked like. She is the only one out of us three that hasn't been here before. She turned to Mike and said,
" School keeps our schedule tight. There's not much time for socializing."
Mike escorted Moonlight and myself to the dinning room. Shinell followed us in. She didn't look to bright.
"Mike were did you get all this stuff at?"
"I just collected it over the years a lot is from my family and past.."
Moon light hit mike and he stopped talking
"what was that for?" Mike asked
"what did you have in mined for brunch?"
"Ow i was thinking bout going out for Tess, you know, it is her sixteenth birthday"
"Yea it is but i don't think i want to go out for brunch lets just head to the party and get this over with"
"Don't be like that you should be happy! It's your birthday come one"
"No i don't want to!" I screamed at mike
I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. Not after getting dumped yesterday. It was embarrassing!
His name is Matt and it was in third period when it happened. I was standing in the hallway when second period let out, he walk up behind me and gave me a hug. I turned around to hug him back when he grabbed me hands and pushed me away. Everyone turned and looked at as, we were the longest lasting cupple all year and today was the last day of school and all so my birthday June seconded.
"whats wrong?" i asked Matt my face was red and my heart was raising. I could here my pulse loud a clear repeating over and over getting louder each time.
"We need to talk?"
"OK what do you want to talk about"I kinda knew what was about to happen but i didn't want it to. Matt was my life i spent all my time with him and never worked on making any other true friends. He couldn't break up with me? He cant can he? I thought to myself while i was waiting for him to answer my question. When he said nothing i decided to break the silence.
"I love you!"
"Don't say that" he said in a deep lonely voice. A voice that sounds like it has done the most horrible thing ever.
"Why not? I do."
"I'm sorry i don't like you and its better if we weren't friends. I don't ever want to see you again in my life, I would be better of without you in it. It's over!"
By then the whole tenth grade was standing around us listening and watching Matt breaking up with me. The worst part was i started to cry so fast i couldn't hide it and everyone saw. Why would Matt break up with me what did i do?
"Tess, Tess you ok? We don't have to go out to brunch if you don't want"
I snapped back to reality and looked up from my feet.
"Yea i... i just don't feel well maybe i should just go home"
"Come on, what's a sweet sixteen without the sweet sixteen birthday girl? You have to come to your own party!"
"I never said i wanted a party. Everyone just assumed i wanted one and planned it for me"
"Sorry Tess i just thought"
"That's it everyone keeps thinking. I'm out of here"
I turned around and walked out the house slamming the door behind me. I went to the car and got in where I waited for Moonlight and Shinell to come out and take me home.
"What do you think her problem is?"
I walked to the car and started to cry. Something had to be rung with Matt for him to break up with me like that yesterday. Why would he bread up with me two days after he tells me I'm his life and if anything ever happened to me he would die. Then he went on about the things i do is only to protect you just remember i will always love you.
Wait a sec i never thought about what he said before. I was to occupied trying not to think that he broke up with me. It was like i was blinded. Now that i finely stopped to think about it something has to be rung. He woulden't just break up with me for no reason and not like he did. I think he only mad it so bad was so i would be mad and him and forget about everything. I'm not that easy to get read of, i have to fined out what is happening!
"Hey Tess you ok? Mike said he was sorry, he just thought you would like a sweet sixteen like any other teenage girl"
Shinell pushed Moonlight away from the window so she could put he had through it.
"Dose any of this have to do with what happened at school yesterday?"
Just like any other time Shinell new what was rung. She new me to well and it was kinda freaky. I didn't want to talk about it with anyone yet, not till i know for sure whats going on.
"Don't talk to me"
"Don't be like that, Matt is just as a** just forget about him and move on"
"Move on, Move on? How do you expect me to move on when my boyfriend who was my life broke up with me in fount of the hole senior class on the last day of school and it was my birthday! How do i move on from that? Shinell you have to have more commonsense than that!" Now i don't it!
"Yea I do, I just wanted you to confess to me" she gave me a grin and got into the back seat of the car. I new this summer was going to be the longest summer of my life!
Moonlight went around the car and sat in the driver seat. He took off heading home, noone said a word the whole way.
About half way home i started to get disey and everything started to spin. I looked out the window, nothing looked like it was supposed to. I could see Matt's face every were but there was something about it, something that wasn't him. I looked back over to Moonlight and that is all i remember.
When i woke up a few hours later Moonlight said I passed out. Shinell said I was in shock of getting dumped and that is why I passed out. I say it was i didn't get any sleep and being stressed out.
There was people all around me, and i could here music. I could feel a soft breeze and voices every were. I felt someone grab my hand.
"Tess, are you okay?" i herd this voice but i couldn't make it out. I know who it was it was a boy of course with a deep kinda voice but it had a sweet toon to it. As
I was thinking about this voice i started to open my eyes, that's when I felt this butterfly feeling every were inside me.
"Decoada?" i answered and a soft fain voice
"Yea its me"
I shot up and opened my eyes. It can't be! Decoada was my very first friend we were born at the same time in the same room but with two different mothers Our mothers shared a room because at the time the E.R was small and there wasn't many rooms. Growing up Decoada would visit me in the foster home every weekend his mom let him. he even tried to get her to adopt me.Decoada was the only person alive who new the real me. Decoada's older brother Damon took care of him most the time. I think he is one or two years older than him never reale knew how old he was. I never even thought to ask.
"Decoada you came all the way here just to see me?"
"Yea, and i kinda live here now. I rented a apartment in the outback place in the woods"
"Why the one there? I don't think any one has been there seance the time the fair came to town"
"Yea but know one can bother me there"
Thats another thing about Decoada. When he was little he was in this fire and almost died and lost him mom, his dad was already dead. The doctor saved him but didn't tell anyone how. When Decoada was able to get out of the hostibule he went to live with his grand parents. Once he turned 15 he moved out andtook cair of him self.He never reale liked anyone in his bissness, so he kinda keepet to him self. The state tried to take him in but no foster home would take him, so the state gave him cash to get bye and checked in on him every now and then to make sure he was ok. That's another reason why hekeeps to his self.
"Were are we?" I had to ask. One i want to know, two i don't want him to go any were.
"We are at your sweet sixteen. Dont be mad im the one who broung you here.'
Just what I need my best friendmakeing medo every thing i don't want to do.
"Okay, and Happy Birthday" I smiled at him. My birthday is his birthday, so thisis his party to!
"Thanks, so are you allright?"
"I am now!"
"Come on i want to how you something i found."
I think Decoada and Damon are the only people on earth who can get me to lission and do just about what ever they want me to do. Only because I new them my hole life.and i can trust them with my life.
I got out of the hamic I got there not knowing how I got there, and followed Decoada down the beach. A lot of people would stop us and wish me happy birthday and ask who Decoada was.
There was a lot of people here, more than i would of ever thought of. I wasn't popular at school and didn't fit in much, but i don't care about all the title stuff. I'm me and always be me, all that matters to me is my friends and family.
After getting through all the people on that part of the beach it got quit. I could here the oceans waves and smell the sea water. I could feel the soft breazz blowing a small smell of trees and wiled life tword me and Decoada. I could close my eyes and pitcher everything with out looking, even the big rock i use to go to, to met Matt. I think i will live with out him now that Decoada is here, but i steal what to know what is going on.
"Tess?" Decoada stopped and i opened my eyes.
I didn't know where we were at. It was beautiful maybe i been her before and didn't notice how fantastic this place was. The soft sand running through my toes, the sunset at the end of the oceans as far as i could see. The soft sweet smell of flower's and fresh air not yet polluted by cars or factories. It was dark and I could steal see everything in clear sight.
"Decoada this is, its amazing i never been to this part of the beach before."
"I new you would like it."
"I love you" I said softly then Decoada came up behind me and grabed me by the wast and whispered back to me
"I love you to, and i always did"
That made scene now that i think about it.It make scene he could never stay away from me even when i got adopted he called me almost every day for a year and after that he would call every now and then. Then the calls stopped
I looked up from the perfect Sean to look at Decoada. He had no facial expression he never did. There was a sudden shock of electricity when he graded me tighter and rocked back and forth.
"How late do you think it is?"
"It dosen't matter your party wont end till midnight tomorrow."
I looked up and Decoada let me go.
"Sorry Tess i just." I didn't let him finish
"Its okay!"
He tickled me and started to run
"Catch me if you can!"
"Thats not fair you got a head start."
I chaced him around for about five minits when he stopped.
"Now what?"
"I'm going to get you!"
"Docoada now" i said laughing and runing the other way.
Sence Decoada was alot faster than me he coutup and tackeled me. We rolled around in the sand then came to a stop. I was still laughing, I haven't been this happy in a long time.
"Got you!"
I laughed and said "Yea you did"
We layed there next to each other starring at the sunset. I was half asleep so i sat up.
"So are you going to stay in kimmswick?"
"Yea my brother is to, he follows me everywhere. He says he doesn't want me to get in to trouble or do anything im not supposed to, but its to late for that."
"What do you mean by its to late for that?"
"I'm here ant I? You wont under stand not yet, you can't know. I can't do that to you."
"What are you talking about?"
"I love yoy to much to put you through any kind of pain, and I think I should take you home now. It's getting late."
I didn't say another word on the way home. Everyone has been acting strange lately, or have they always been like this and i just didn't realize it till now.I have just had a long day and I don't remember much about it. Once I was home i took a nice calm relaxing warm bath and went to bead. Decoada dissipered as soon as he got me home. He didn't say anything or even look at me on the hole way home. Tha'ts not like him, or that's not the Decoada i remember from fore years ago.

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