After all we've been thru, you no longer know me,dare to even look at me
All our history , destroyed
I never cared about your appearance, i loved you at ur worst.
i took your hand when no one did
Its fine with me that you moved on, i'm glad u found my replacement
but i never wanted you to abandon me... ******** it , right?
Just keep walking forward, dont ever look back
i'll b standing here till my feet rot, till i am dry and life less
Cause my dumbass self still dreams
and would never harm you no matter the pain you put me threw
and i'd do anything to to receive a word from you
to get a third life
Its cause of u i never settle with anyone, its cause of u love is hard to find
im always scared to lose a person like what happen with you
i still dream in the past at night

your the reason i am still alive or did u forget