I had a dream last night, or at least I thought I did, I can't remember if I was awake or asleep when I had it, Over the last week and a half here in Okinawa I have been this way. I wont tell you right now what it was but just know that it will definitely be used in the final chapters of my book Dreams and Legends. Oh and for security purposes think of the holiday that comes late in the year, has something to do with feathers. What day does that fall on? put that day count back ten, forward three, back three, back five, forward two forward five, and back two.Then count back from that month its in, count back the square root of 16, so when you find out count back that in months, put that answer and the answer to the first part and you got what day I come home from Okinawa, DON"T say it. Just be happy and tell me what you have been so eagerly awaiting to tell me over the phone that day at 5:30 y.t that day. Just call that last number you heard my voice from.