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Ravings of a semi-sane Gaian
Name: Midori (No surname)
Age: 19
Picture: User Image
Height: 1.79 m
Weight: 55.7 kg
Home Village: Otogakure
Current Home: Konoha

History: Midori is Orochimaru’s daughter. She was born and “raised” in Otogakure. Her mother, a member of the ANBU, lived with her husband and two children in Konoha until she taken captive after being selected by Orochimaru as his mate. He took advantage of her and she was locked in a room there for 9 months. At the end of that time, she died during childbirth. Midori was left there, basically raised by Orochimaru’s assistants until he thought she was old enough to do what he wanted, to begin training her and teaching her in his ways. As cows are born and raised to be led to slaughter, she was born and raised to be his next body. Orochimaru trained her and taught her how to fight. During this time, he also used her as a guinea pig for his experiments. Once she turned 13, he decided that at this time, her body would be able to handle it and placed a curse mark on her.

As her final test, Orochimaru told her to go to Konoha and kill her father and siblings. She left to do the deed but, once there, she cracked and couldn’t go through with it. Hearing of her failure, Orochimaru came to Konoha and killed them in front of her eyes. He attempted to bring her back with him but couldn’t find her. She roamed the forest for a bit until she stumbled upon Jiraiya. She recognized him from stories her father had once told during training about the other two Sannin and approached him. After the two talked a bit, he agreed to help complete her training. As she spent her time in Konoha, Jiraiya was really a father figure for her despite what some may think. She went into the ninja academy, taking private lessons to pass the basic Genin lessons she had not taken in Otogakure and managed to catch up with the others her age. She eventually passed the Chuunin and Jounin exams and is currently a full-fledged ANBU member.

Personality: She is quiet and has problems trusting others, mainly because most of the residents of Konoha are suspicious of her because of who her father is. Once she gets to know someone, she can tend to open up and talk more but even so, she has only ever told one person, Jiraiya, about what happened to her family.

Specialty Jutsus: Genjutsu

Best Jutsu: Shi no kumi no Jutsu (Death Viewing Technique)

Self Created Jutsus: Karasuhebi kabe no Jutsu (Black Snake Wall Technique) - This jutsu makes the victim see a large group of black snakes coming at them and eventually makes it feel like the snakes bite them once close enough, as well as recreates the effects of the venom to a certain degree.
Hyoumenka seishin no Jutsu (Shattering Mind Technique) – This jutsu is more inwardly based than others. It makes it seem like the user is hearing things in their head, voices and such, and it makes them overly paranoid, possibly seeing images of demons and spirits coming after them. People who are exposed to this technique for extended periods of time may experience lasting effects of it or possibly go insane.

Weapons: Basic (kunai, shuriken)

Handicaps: Occasionally, Midori experiences intense waves of pain. Remnants from when Orochimaru experimented on her. She is often seen pulling a bottle of pills out of her shuriken holder and taking one.

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