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I slowly crept my way to the Dream Zoo. The gates were oepn as if welcoming everyone in. I quickly rantothe gate. Allof a sudden aman popped out,he held a clipboard with a paper attached toit.The manwas short,had a thick mustache that looked too big for him, and had short black hair.
"Welcome! You'll be marked as visitor number 234." he said "Oh of course I almost forgot! I'm Mr.Thorax!" He stamped a number on my hand.Then he pulled his hair back and pushed me inside the gates. I took a long stride forward and looked around. I ran quickly to the nearest cage. In that cage was a half-lion half-bird like creature. I looked carefully and relized it was a griffin. Its' wings were so slick and smooth it looked like somebody had put lip-gloss on it. Its' claws looked so sharpit seemed like it could cut through two bricks. The griffin's eyes were so black it was like it could swallow everything,but there was something else in its' eyes. It looked sorrowful. I looked around at the other creaturesin the other cages;they had the same look in their eyes.
Then it hit me,these creatures weren't here because they were endangered.They were here becausewere forced to be on display. I turned franticily around trying to find something that would open the cages. Then I saw the shed. But before I could run to the shed a voice boomed fromthe speaker above me "It is closing now. Get out everybody, NOW!" All of a sudden people were pushing and shoving me out of the way, by the time the people left the lightzs had turned off.' Then I sprinted to the shed and sure enough was the set of keys. I quickly ran to a cage and fumbled for the keys hoping that I would open a cage of something harmless. The hoping didn't work. By the time my eyes had adjusted to the dark a griffin was over me, but its' eyes didn't look menicing. They showed a look of suprise. Then it nodded to me as if I had proven myself to it. It looked at the other cages and seemed to say , "Go free everyone!" so I quickly freed teh creatures and let them run, swim, or fly free.I turned around I finally unlocked the last cage. I gasped there was Mr.Thorax whose face was red with anger. He yelled at us "Look what you DID! You ruined all my hard work!" He took out a gun and started firing at us. The griffin knelt down and I went on its' back. The griffin let out a loud screech that made Mr.Thorax stop firing for a second. At that moment the griffin took off. I laid my head on the griffin's soft feathers and slowly drifted away to sleep. I woke up with a start. I was in my room and I wondered if it was all just a dream. Then I felt something smooth next tome sure enough it was a smooth feather and at that moment I knew it wasn't a dream.

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