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Name: Count Bleck
Importance: Major
Threat: Great
Description: Once a prince in a faraway world, Blumiere lived a rather straightforward life. That all changed when he decided to venture away from his land in search of adventure. What he found was romance. He was attacked by a gang of theives when and was left for dead, when a traveling girl by the name of Timpani happened to find him. It was almost like destiny. It was not to last, however.

Timpani insisted on seeing Blumiere's homeland. Blumiere, dedicated to his love, finally decided to bring her there. He kept her a secret as best as he could, as outsiders were not welcome, but it was not to be. The father discovered his sons hidden romance, and the tribe sent her to eternally wander the many worlds of the universe. Blumiere, upon learning f this, considered Timpani dead and, in a blind rage, used the evil powers of the Dark Prognosticus, an ancient book prtected by his tribe which predicts the end of the universe. Upon releasing the magics inside, he was transformed into an entirely different being: Count Bleck.

In a cruel twist of fate, however, his love was not gone. She was found by the mage of Flipside, Marlin, who proceeded to erase her memory of her past being and turn her into a butterfly, so as to stop her suffering and save her from her curse.

Defeat: Using his newfound evil powers, Count Bleck stole the energy from the town to create the Heart of Darkness, a gem made of pure darkness that would be necessary to destroy all. With this, he used this new influx of energy to create the void, a black hole that would consume all of creation. His castle was located in the center, and would be destroyed last. He figured that if no world contained his love, then no world should exist. Light, Kiss, and new hero Shadow thought otherwise, and proceeded to stop his evil plans, discovering a few new powers along the way (well, two of them). With the power of the light crystals, crystals of pure ;light energy scattered across the universe, the trio finally managed to defeat the count. However, Timpani finally remembered who she was and what her past was, and stopped the heroes from slaying the count. Good thing, as it turned out their attention was turned towards the wrong villain.....

Enemy Profile: Dimentio
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Importance: Semi-major
Threat: Great
Description: Not much is known of the enigmatic Dimentio's past. All that is really known is that Dimentio was found by ount Bleck while he was searching for his love, and was recruited for the cause of destroying all creation to remake a better place. However, Dimentio learned of Blecks actual motive, and thus decided to take matters into his own hands. Attempting to make the heroes join his cause, he failed, and then faked his own death, so as to take power in a surprise attack. With the power of the Heart of Darkness, he transformed into a dark god of sorts.

Defeat: Dimentio attempted to destroy Light and Kiss in the fight. His seemingly successful attempt sent Shadow into his (to give an official name for it) 'Surge mode.' With this, Shadow easily beat the almighty Dimentio. He, however, had a final ploy up his sleeve. Creating a shadow copy, he sent it to sustain the Dark Heart long enough for the universe to be destroyed. Count Bleck and Timpani, however, had a way to counteract the Dark Heart. With the power of their own long forgotten love, they fully powered the light crystals, which destroyed the Heart of Darkness once and for all and saved the universe. With this transfusion of light energy, they were transformed back into their previous state and are now in a new world, one unknown to all, where they can live in peace with each other for the rest of their lives.

-Dimentio is transofrmed into a dark god in the story. In the actual game, well....
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The less said the better.
-In the game, it is not known of the fate of the two lovers. At the end though, it does infer that they are now at a new world of peace.
-Queen Z is a reference to the character Mr. L, who is a brainwashed Luigi. Yes, Jaja, you were essentially the Luigi of this story.
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