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The Collective Works of Reivan The Drow (akaArchangel Reivan. Drac116, Dracaris_116 & AzraelTheFallen)
poetry and short stories by me. feel free to comment.
The Beautician
Name: Iime Orylyl

Age: 346

Race: Dark Elf

Class: Psion (Telekinetic)

Religion/Alignment: Follower of Llolth/Neutral Evil

Appearance: Average for a drow male though slightly on the slender side, his deft hands are calloused from years of needlework. The most defining feature of the male is the faintly glowing scar that mars the right side of his body from the waist up and the upper portion of his right arm.

Background History:
The less hostile brother to Mayolin Orylyl, Iime took to an odd love or caring for others, his heritage though force dhim to bypass the expected careers in healing or caretaking and instead landed him as an acclaimed tailor, jeweller and beautician. It was at around the age of 112 when his Psionic powers began to manifest through uncontrolled bursts of telekinetic energy. Since then he has been training himself and focusing his Telekinesis to aid him in his chosen trade, giving him much more versatility while serving a customer. Much of his famed skill was obtained through several years of travelling with his sister, her being a former priestess of Llolth, Iime fell into the roll of tending to her day in and day out, it is this firsthand experience that has made him specialize somewhat in tending to other such females, and thusly kept him alive ling enough to not make any mistakes....yet. He still keeps in close contact with his sister though he does not share her zeal for ressurecting their birth house, all for the glory off the Spider Queen, preferring to serve his divine mistress by tending to her chosen clergy. His spellscar was obtained through a chance encounter with his sister's new lord and sometimes causes him to lapse into periods of telepathic foresight. During these periods he is vulnerable while he unknowingly accesses the future of a random individual in his vicinity. These "visions" are broken and often little more than a confusing jumble of mismatched and pointless images.

After his psionics attracted the unwanted attention of a rather unfriendly Aboleth, Iime has packed up his spa and headed to Ullorbbath in the hopes that business will be better on more familiar (and more secure) ground.

Trade items
Onyx Crescent pendant (Unenchanted)
Ring charged with Greater Ray of Entropy (5 charges per day)
Bracelet charged with Summon Chaos Shard (once per day)

Rapier + Dueling dagger

Skills or Powers:
Basic Telekinesis
Orb of darkness
Faerie fire

Master tailoring
Expert leatherworking
Skilled Fencer
Speaks Undercommon, Common, Drow and Goblin

Physical Weakness:
Relies more on speed than power to survive, is fairly easily overpowered.
His control of his psionics is basic (lifting and moving things with his mind), aside from the random bursts of telepathy, wherein he is defenseless and relies on hired muscle for defense.

Reivan The Drow
Community Member
Reivan The Drow
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