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my thoughts.. love.. and so on.
being in love has so many opportunities tho show one how deeply you care... im simply returning the favor
what a life chapter 1
it was an ordinary day in the middle of nowhere, a town with no name, and people who could care less. i awoke that very morning to start school.

me: ugh. i cant believe i have to do this AGAIN..

mom: -walks in casually- come on dear, get off ur a** and get dressed. school starts soon.

my mom was always like that.. she was kind, yet strict.. i never understood how she could be total opposites at the same time. but i digress.. i got dressed, the usual black skinny jeans, skulled belts with studs all over, making sure my long black hair didnt get caught in my choker, i had to beat the dog for hiding my steel-toed boots.. again.. and found all 6 of my belts, all wrapped neatly across my waist and chest. i grinned at the thought of all the people who cower at the sight of me.. everyone...... but her.

jasmine... ah she was a wonder that girl. everyday at school when i walked into class she'd smile and say she saved me a seat. she was... well my only friend. she looked quite amazing too.. her rich brown eyes, everytime i looked into them i felt like i lost myself for a moment, looking away after a second, both of our reddened faces, her perfect figure, complemented by the skirt and shirt combo she wore alot. she was a wonder.. and i never thought of life without her. nor did i want to..

me: bye mom! im off to school!

mom: ok dear, dont forget your lunch money!

me: i didnt! -i quickly grab my wallet and attach the chain to my belt loop-

as i ran out the door i noticed something i hadnt ever considered before, jasmine was walking down the street towards the school. she was wearing her hair in a bow, a black shirt with a skull inside a heart, and a skirt with black fishnet stalkings and stilettos. thats when i realised, it was a bit earlier than i normally left for school. thats when i decided something.. something i wouldnt regret.

me: -runs up to jasmine, slightly out of breath from catching up to her- h-hey there!

jas: oh! hey zach! wow you never get up this early do you?

me: nope. never lol

jas: well um.. do you want to walk to school with me? -she blushes.. she does that whenever she's around me-

me: definately. thats why i ran to catch up with you lol. here let me help you. -i take her books from her arms and i tuck them in under mine and smile-

jas: -her face is bright red by now- t-thank you zach.. t-thats so sweet.

me: well ur the only person who cares i exist so.. id rather not lose that lol.

jas: aww well thats.... hey who is that?

me: hm?

and just like that, the thing i dreaded the most happened... the moment was ruined when the most horrid thing that could happen, in fact happened. he was 17, he loved drugs and fighting, and always walked around with 3 or 4 people with him at all times. malfoy was his name and he always acted like such a badass.. ugh i always hated him. and he always knew how to piss me off..

malfoy: hey lookie here, its emo boy and his goth whore.

me: shut up malfoy.. -i hand jas her books and i step up to him- you better back the ******** off or ill kick ur a**... -i smirk- again.

malfoy: ooh u talk like a big man.. -he snaps his fingers and his posse surrounds me and holds me down- but ur just a helpless emo wanna-be -he starts punching me in the stomach, the sides, my face, my chest, my gut... everywhere-

jas: no! stop it! -she tries to push malfoy off me-

thats when it happened..... the turning point in my life.. thats when the tragedy happened.....

malfoy: get off me b***h! -he pushes her into the street....-

there was a loud honk.. brakes screeching.. and her beautiful voice... hushed by a loud bang... jas got hit by a car..

me: JAS!!! NO!!!!!

malfoy: o-oh my god...

me: YOU a*****e!!!! -i break free of his "friends" and i tackle him, beating every bit of flesh i could untill he fell unconcious-

i ran up to jas as the driver was calling 911... hoping i wasnt too late... as i got by her side her arm was bent in a bad angle.. so was her leg.. and blood was dripping slightly down her beautiful.. scared.. face.. from under her hair..

me: j-jas... p-please.. talk to me... please be ok..!

jas: z....zach.... i... d...ont... be mad.... at me..... i.... i have to... tell... you...

me: p-please.. dont t-talk... the ambulence w-will be here.. y-your going to be o-ok..!! -as i say this i burst into tears... hoping... praying.. for a miracle-

jas: i... ha...ve...to....s....ay... this..... z....zach.... i....love....yo... -she passes out-

i knew what she meant... even tho she didnt finish the sentence... i knew what she meant.... and the long ride to the hospital... being by her side... holding her hand and hoping she'll live.... i realised.... she loved me.... and i didnt know... and yet i did... i knew but... i was unsure... and now i know... and it might be too late.... all i know is.... i love her too....


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