Name ; Shelly Wright
Race ; Witch
Birthday ;
Age ;
Gender ; Female
Sexuality ; Straight
Height ;
Weight ;

Personal Quote ;
Personality ; Laid back, even a bit lazy. She hardly takes anything seriously and can be sarcastic and hot headed. She is a loud person who dives right into situations without thinking, knowing she will be able to handle it no matter what kind of things await her in the dark. Shelly isn't one for plans, she mostly just goes with the flow, making it up as she goes along. (A More In Depth Personality Coming Eventually)
Weapon of Choice ; Customized Guns - Two Pistols a Sniper Rifle
Capabilities (Shelly) ; As a Witch, Shelly can do pretty much whatever the hell she wants, however even her magic has its limits (a More in-depth description of Shelly's Magic will come eventually). Shelly is an advanced hand to hand fighter and can handle herself against any number of opponents, She is a dexterous and agile expert marksmen.
Capabilities (Weapons) ; Her guns are customized to her liking, twin pistols are able to fire at a much higher range and can hold more bullets in each clip, firing at a faster rate. While heavier than typical pistols, they are more durable and can take quite a bit of damage before it will effect the guns performance. They are perfectly fitted to match Shelly's personality perfectly. (A Description of her Sniper Rifle Coming Soon!)
Specialty ; Long Range Fighting
Strengths ; Close Range Fighting,
Weaknesses ; She chooses speed and stealth over power.
Likes ;
Watching TV
Doing pointless Work
Being Forced into doing soemthing
Being ordered around
Selfish Men
Stupid Women
Favorite Thing ; Fire Arms

History ;
Fears/Secrets ;

Description of Clothing ; For now, Black boots that reach up to about mid thigh. Light Grayish blueish silver Jeans. A Black mid cut jacket with a long collar, she doesn't wear it to wade off the cold, just to look cool, which is why it is rarely ever zipped up; long sleeved. She likes to wear a bright fire truck red top that leaves pretty much all of her stomach exposed. She hates to wear jewelry and will if she can avoid it. Shelly is never seen without a pair of glasses, be they sun or normal.
Description of Hair and Eyes ; Her hair is a brownish blond color but more blond than brown. It is short, coming down to about her shoulders, usually messy, the ends aren't cut straight. A Section of hair on the left side however is longer than the rest, Shelly is always talking about cutting it so its all even but never gets around to it. Her eyes are a dazzling slate gray, though are sometimes seen as blue or even a mossy greenish color. Her eyes tell that she has seen much more than she would have liked, but smiles none the less.
Appearance (Drawings By Me)

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Appearance (Drawings by other people) ;
None Yet!

Alternate Outfits ; Descriptions and pictures coming eventually!