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The Discombobulated Thoughts of a Pretentious Nitwit
I write about anything and everything that comes to my mind. Warning, this may shock and appall you.
My first entry
Well I figured it was about time I popped my journal cherry. So here it is....POP! What a satisfying sound. I am not entirely sure of what to write about yet so I will simply ramble. My day was quite long and strenuous. I enjoyed every second of it. I am not going to talk about it here, because I do not want to end up like one of those preteens who spends an hour each day doing video blogs of themselves talking about none other than themselves. "Young girl talking about herself" its a great song, check out the video on youtube. It's worth it. I lol'd. Whats up with today's society anyway? I read an article suggested by a friend, that was written by someone who was giving their perspective on the specific social differences between the generations that are still alive today, strongly recognized in the workplace. He was spot on.

I mean to say that the Veterans, or the people born between 1922-1945 are more conformists and tend to respect authority and discipline. The baby boomers born between 1946-1964 (most of our parental units) are optimistic and value involvement. Generation X born between 1965-1980 (Some of our parental units) are skeptics and informal (guess this is where it goes downhill) and then theres most of us, born between 1981-2000, Generation Y. We value fun, being social, we are realistic and overly confident. We expect rewards and positive reinforcement to be handed to us simply because we deserve it for waking up that morning. Its so interesting isn't it? To really look closely and think about what we look for or expect in any given situation. Dane Cook said it beautifully without even meaning to when he did his fast food routine. He spoke of waiting in line to order your food and someone walks up, jumps the line and asks for ketchup, like their ketchup crisis has made them the top priority in the entire establishment. Of course, we laugh at these jokes but how far does it go? Do we really need to be rude to someone offering us customer service just because the company is screwing us out of something? Are material items, money, food, anything at all, are any of them worth so much that we would ruin someone's day for them? Some might say, "Well it's their choice whether they allow it to ruin their day or not." but I say this to that response, the choice started with you. YOU chose to rant and be a jerk at that person. You made a poor choice and now you have to write it off, pass the torch so to speak, so you can sleep at night? How righteous of us. How....PRETENTIOUS! Wow...see how that came back into play here!? I shall use that word in every entry! Back to the point at hand. We can choose to pay it forward, every day that choice is ours to make. When you go out there, are you paying people with kindness, a rare find amidst this harsh society that is of our own making? Or are you paying with cold, distant and cruel words, detached at best?

I challenge you to choose something more. Something happier, be kind to all you see tomorrow, smile at random people, nod in acknowledgement, compliment someone on something that seems so small to you, but could brighten their day. I hope it will make you feel good as well. If nothing else, see if it is harder to smile, or frown constantly. Also in this challenge comes another...put your cells away and LOOK at people. Actually look at those around you. Observe them, stop yer damn texting and just....look. If you notice that an El Pollo Loco has been erected across the street from the starbucks you always go to then I shake your hand friend, you have just taken your first step back into reality, and a brighter one at that. See I ramble, and look where it has gotten me. I kinda like it...WELCOME TO THE DISCOMBOBULATED THOUGHTS OF A PRETENTIOUS NITWIT! I hope you enjoyed your stay. Come again...NEVER! MOOHAHAHA!


Call Me Mephisto
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Call Me Mephisto
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  • [11/17/09 05:27am]

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