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Life as you may not know it. <3 Well, through this journal you'll find out alot about me.

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Its Hit Again.

Ahh, sheesh-kabob. I gots the cold again. Nuuu. T.T Got the world's runniest nose and sleepy, puffy eyes. Not attractive.. Not attractive at all.

Okay, imagine this. Maths ALL day. 6 hours of it. All at once. With nooo break. You're lucky you're imagining. I lived this! Urrgh, another school curriculum focus day. One of those days thats supposed to inspire, encourage and help the youth. Well, it did none of that. What-ta-faillll-a. However, with this i got an A* on my mock exam! SHITSON!

Ohh, R.E was really good today. I do love that little bunch of ours. Everyones soo nice to eachother and we all just seem to.. get along! Its so good considering religion is a 'tred with soft feet' sort of topic these days! I must admit, i did good picking longcourse after school. Yiiipppee. &lt;3

Tick-tock, time to stop!
Me needs some lemsip soooo..
Au Revoir (;


Strawberry Laces. <3

s**t SON. Well, i took them into school.. to eat. As i took them out everyone wanted one. Soo, being the nice person that i am, i gave one to everyone. As i went to go get one for my self - It was alll gone. Just my luck. *cires*

Urrgh. Don't you hate it when people take your picture WITHOUT your permission. Its like, seriously, do you wanna get knocked out?! Grrrr - Hate you Gareth.

Anywhoo, on to a more.. lighter note, i got a letter to say that im gifted and talented in english! Woo-hoo! Hard work has finally paid off! c:
Bringing me to english, i got another speaking and listening! Im nervous. I dont wanna doooo ittt! ): ahh well, gotta man up and just take it.

Well, well, well. Here comes the end of another jouranl entry.
Now, imma go get me some laces.


Community Member

Community Member
Stress - Nuff said.

Too much work! crying
Seriously?! Sometimes i hate my teachers. Scrap that, i hate them all the time.
Let me tell you what i have to do today;

-Learn my monologue off by heart.
-Learn my french creative writing piece off by heart.
-Revise for my chemisty exam tomorrow.
-Revise for my other scince exams, which take place in a couple of days.

I think thats about it.. Ohh no, wait. REVISE FOR MY MATHS EXAM ASWELL! crying
Fml, and to think its the first day back to school. *pulls out all hair*

Annnnyways. I think today was alright.. i mean at school. It was the usuals. Boring old stuff. And now everyones out having fun while i sit at home. Studying. About to explode with stress. NUUUUUUUUU!
Ohh, Gaia just distracted me. Well done. Now its time to go!
Ciao amigos (;


Asian Engagement Prep.


Does that explain what happened last night?! No, probably not.. sweatdrop
Ahh, well last night was just phwoaaarrr! Let me tell you, if you EVER get invited to an asian wedding prep.. GO!

This is how it started out;

- Walk in the rain, with a set of heavy speakers, to house that is about a good 20 minutes away.


- Set the speakers up, turn up the volume and create the first taal (a decorated platter of betal leaves and stufff).


- When all taals finished and done gather all friends and family and dance like there's nooo tomorrow!


- After dancing-shancing, go eat.

-NO CRAZY HERE as every ones stuffing their face..

- Dance till you cant dance no more. Crank out the bollywood tunes and bust a move or two!

Then.. go home. In pain.

Okay, this was just my experience.. but if you ever get a chance to go then do it!


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