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My RP Characters
Here are my different Rp character profiles.
Mizuki Mara Harumi's Human Death

"My death is centered around this scar." Mizuki says, " And its the only thing i remember about my human life."

Lightly touching the scar, Mizuki recalls how she got it.

" The memory is a bit fuzzy, but it is there. It haunts my dreams whether I'm awake or asleep."

It was the last day of my human life. The cherry trees where blooming and my friends and i were having a picnic under the trees. It was a beautiful day, lots of laughter and playing around. My friends and i all made one special dish for that day. There was tons of food and drink. The day was perfect. One of the best days that i had had.

When night fell, my friends packed everything up. I decided to stay. I wanted to watch the cherry blooms dance across the face of the moon. Night had always been my favorite time of the day."

" While i watched the wind dance with the blossoms , i fell asleep. I dreamt that i was floating on the wind, dancing with the cherry blossoms. I was woken up by pressure on my chest and the feel of cold steel against my neck. I couldn't see the man's face. The moon was covered by a passing cloud. The man said nothing, just sitting on me, pressing the knife into my neck. "

" When he finally spoke, he said " I have always loved you, Mizuki. I knew we were meant for each other from the first time i saw you in class, you looked at me and smiled. " When i heard his voice, i knew who he was. His name was Kioshi Norio, he was from my homeroom class.

" From that day on, you would always smile when you saw me, yet you never said a word to me. Instead, you would flirt with those other boys . You know we are soul mates. But now, you have tainted our love with your whoreish ways. I will never forgive you, NEVER !"

" He took a piece of cloth and tied it around my mouth. Then he took the tip of the knife, and started to cut me. Just small cuts at first, just to torment me. He took his time with each cut and it felt like he was cutting my soul. It seemed to last forever. Just when i thought it would never end, the sun started to rise. He had cut and stabbed me from my neck, down my chest and stomach, across my legs. He seemed to save my face for last.

" That's when he sliced into my eyebrow and cut down across my eye and curved up to my cheekbone. My throat was hoarse from screaming, but as I turned my head to the right, the gag slipped and I screamed. I screamed from the very bottom of my soul. Someone ad finally heard me, I could hear them running. Kioshi heard them too, but he was far from finished with me."

When they reached us and pulled Kioshi off me, it was too late for me to be saved. I had bleed out too much during the night. With my last breath I cursed Kioshi, damned him to hell."

Ice Mistress Mara
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Ice Mistress Mara
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